British mothers turning to drink

Tuesday 2nd September, 2008

alcohol addictionA new poll of 3,000 British mothers has revealed the stress of motherhood is turning them to drink, with many downing a bottle of wine a night.

As the Government embarks on its high profile ‘Know Your Limits’ campaign, this new poll has discovered that 49% of those mothers questioned drink at home most nights of the week and those who do, drink more than the recommended two to three unit daily allowance.

81% of those who do drink alcohol said they do so to unwind and de-stress and 86% believed they were drinking too much.

This new poll arrives alongside a Government survey carried out by YouGov which revealed that 51% of 2,000 people surveyed aged 25-44 drank due to stress. Of those aged over 55, 30% drank to reduce stress and 42% of all drinkers drank alcohol to cope with stress.

Netmums, who carried out this latest poll, said the research has shown parents are developing drinking habits without considering the consequences to their health.

Alternative medicine and complementary therapy practitioners can advise you on other ways to find stress relief through exercise, meditation and relaxation techniques. They can also help you overcome addiction to alcohol. Excessive alcohol intake and high stress levels can lead to associated risks such as heart disease, strokes and cancer.



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