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Tuesday 12th August, 2008

watching tv Health on TVA couple of programmes of health interest on TV over the next couple of days:

Wednesday 13th August at 8:00pm on Channel 4

Tackling health problems people commonly ignore rather than take to their GPs. Patients include a 20-year-old woman whose nipples are inverted, and a man with painful piles, while the Moseley Rugby Club players examine themselves for testicular cancer.

Thursday 14th August at 8:30pm on BBC2

The Ear, Nose and Throat

With around nine million people in the UK suffering with some form of hearing loss, Dr. Alice Roberts gains insight into what it feels like and discovers how loud noise can cause irreparable damage to the ears. She also explains what the nose and throat do and finds out why for some people snoring can be a sign of a life threatening condition.

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