Family life is affected by migraines

Friday 22nd August, 2008

People who suffer with frequent migraines have their family life affected and can have difficulty performing household tasks, a new study has shown.

The research also found that many migraine headache sufferers do not receive treatment or have specific migraine medications.

The study carried out in the US surveyed 520 people who suffer 15 or more headaches a month over a three month period, or chronic migraine sufferers, against over 9,000 who suffer less frequent migraine headaches, known as episodic migraine.

37% of the participants suffering chronic migraine headache reported missing out on at least five family day activities in the past three months due their migraine. This compared to just 10% of those people with episodic migraine.

Half of the chronic migraine sufferers also missed five days of housework because of their headaches compared to just 24% of people who have episodic migraine.

The study showed that although most of the people taking part had discussed treatments for their migraines with health professionals just 32% of chronic migraine sufferers and 25% of episodic migraine sufferers used specific drugs or preventative medications.

Don’t suffer in silence and let migraines affect your life. Consider alternative medicine and complementary therapy to help with your migraine headaches.



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