Diabetes risk to children born by Caesarean

Tuesday 26th August, 2008

diabetesA new study has suggested that mothers who give birth by Caesarean section increase the risk of their children developing diabetes.

The review covered 20 studies on children with type 1 diabetes and found those delivered by Caesarean increased their risk of developing diabetes by 20%.

Researchers said that the rise in children with type 1 diabetes may be explained by the high rates of the Caesarean procedure.

Caesarean sections now account for nearly 25% of all deliveries in Britain where the recommended rate as set by the World Health Organisation is 10-15%. These new findings add to the growing evidence about the risks of the procedure.

Genetic components and other risk factors lead to the development of diabetes but this new link between delivery methods and the condition persist even when they are taken into account. Exposure to bacteria during natural childbirth is important to a child’s immune system and by opting for a Caesarean section the baby may be predisposed to conditions such as diabetes.



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