Alternative medicine for headaches: Acupuncture helps migraines

Sunday 31st August, 2008

acupunctureDo you suffer with migraines? Well, the latest German research suggests that acupuncture reduces both migraine severity and frequency.

Although previous studies into acupuncture and migraines produced conflicting results, this new study carried out by the University Medical Centre, Berlin reports that the complementary and alternative medicine method of acupuncture works on migraine headaches.

Researchers studied over 15,000 people with an average age of 44 who suffered with migraine/tension headaches more than once a month for a year or longer.

1,613 of these patients received acupuncture over three months in addition to usual migraine medication while 1,569 patients only received the usual medications.

Six months in, those receiving acupuncture reported significant reductions in headache pain than those who only used migraine medication and also a drop in frequency of migraine attacks.

“Our study has shown that treating patients with headache in routine primary care in Germany with additional acupuncture resulted in a clinically relevant and persistent benefit,” said researcher Dr. Willich, writing in the Cephalalgia medical journal.

“Therefore, acupuncture should be considered a viable option for patients with headache.”



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