Ageing or experiences the cause of sexual dysfunction?

Wednesday 13th August, 2008

sexual dysfunctionGetting old isn’t necessarily the cause of sexual dysfunction but other interrelated factors during your lifetime may play their part, according to the latest research.

A history of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), mental and physical health and demographics can all have an impact on sexual health and activity later in life.

And people who have had an STD are also more likely to have taken more risks and had multiple sexual partners during their lifetime’s sexual experiences.

Women may be more likely to suffer with sexual dysfunction than men due to health issues with the common issue for men being erectile dysfunction, something that increases with age. The study also found that men are more than five times as likely to report sex as non-pleasurable if they have previously had an STD. Women’s odds of reporting sexual discomfort quadruples having previously had an STD.

The new study found that among older women, a common factor correlated with sexual dysfunction was urinary tract syndrome, which was associated with decreased interest in sex, as were mental health issues such as anxiety.

Mental health issues and relationship problems for men led to a lack of sexual interest and the inability to achieve orgasm. Being treated for urinary tract syndrome was associated with problems maintaining and achieving an erection. For older women, urinary tract syndrome was associated with a lack of interest in sex along with anxiety issues.

Alcohol consumed on a daily basis was found to improve a woman’s sexual health but among men there was no reported impact. Demographics and cultural factors also are related to sexual performance with Hispanic women twice as likely to report sexual pain during intercourse and black men twice as likely to report a lack of interest in sex and climaxing too early.



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