Is there a benefit to allergies?

Wednesday 30th July, 2008

GoToSee AllergiesIf you’re someone who suffers with long-term allergies such as hay fever or asthma there may be a surprise benefit to your problem.

An Australian research paper has discovered that someone suffering with one of these ‘atopic diseases’ is 25% less likely to develop the common type of Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma (NHL). If you have three of these conditions, you are 40% less likely to get NHL.

“This was a surprise result,” said the lead author, Dr Claire Vajdic.

“The only known strong risk factors for NHL are immune deficiency and certain infections. This occurs in people with uncontrolled HIV infection, and those who have had a solid organ transplant.

“We thought other forms of immune dysregulation such as atopic diseases – including hay fever, asthma and food allergies – might relate to the development of lymphoma. It was therefore intuitive to think that these conditions would increase the risk, but in fact, they do the reverse.”



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