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Website Design & Hosting For Therapists

GoToSee are able to deliver a professional website with hosting and support. PLUS, you can benefit from discounted advertising on the UK’s fastest growing Complementary Health site

Why do you need a website?

In this day and age people reach for the keyboard instead of a phone book. A website advertises your practice 24 hours a day 7 days a week. People expect businesses of all sizes to have a website and if you don’t have one they may think –

Why is that?
Are they newly qualified?
Are they fully qualified?
Are they established?
How serious is this person or practice?
Are they insured?

People like looking online and reading up on you first rather than calling you up cold from a phone book. This is especially important when considering alternative medicine and complementary therapies as people are curious about this area and spend a lot of time researching alternative solutions before deciding upon a treatment route.

A website lets you explain more about the services you offer. It gives you unlimited space to list recent success and case studies. People relate far better to examples such as how you were able to help Mr Brown overcome his chronic back pain, migraines, anxiety etc.

Another good aspect of a website is that it keeps your sales momentum going. If someone finds your website late at night they can email you then and there. The alternative is they forget to call the next day or lose your details and you lose a potential new client.

Can I afford a website?

Clearly a website is a vital arm of your marketing mix, but can you afford to have one? Well can you afford NOT to have one? Fortunately GoToSee specialise in professionally designed low cost websites for practitioners and therapists.

With a professionally designed page website costing £100 you will be surprised how affordable getting your practice online really is. If you mention you’re an existing GoToSee client you will get a 10% discount.

Take a look at our portfolio for a selection of websites GoToSee has already created for therapists and businesses.

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