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“Discounts or free sessions within a timescale, or as part of a seasonal offer, give your potential client a reason to book with your therapy business as soon as possible.”

On March 1st 2011, online advertising will be under closer scrutiny. Find out how this will affect health practitioners, businesses and training courses.

We get asked all the time how do people find GoToSee? Well the important point to make is we don’t market ourselves or our brand.

GoToSee run one of the largest CPC campaigns in the UK for the health and therapy sector and can provide you with an affordable service that works.

What is an email signature and why is it important to have one? This article explains how to go about creating a signature for all your outgoing emails

Therapists need to know where their business is coming from to ensure any advertising and marketing investment is cost-effective

A successful therapist marketing campaign needs powerful online advertising. GoToSee can help with the marketing of your practice, business or college.

“GoToSee is the leading UK directory for complementary therapy and alternative medicine practitioners. Join us and start seeing the benefits.”

“To successfully market your therapy practice online you should utilise reciprocal linking with other quality websites in your sector such as GoToSee.”

“The first impression of your therapy practice can be the difference between attracting new clients or missing out on potential business.”


How to brand your business. Brand marketing advice for complementary therapists.

When looking at creating a brand for marketing your complementary therapy practice you need to pin down exactly what your ‘brand’ will be and what you will offer.

Taking your brand forwards, you need to put the time and effort in to develop it and you should consider a broad variety of links ups.

Business advice from GoToSee

GoToSee do not work with any other third parties. Read this article to learn how you can ensure you’re dealing with a reputable company.

If you’re practising as a therapist in the private healthcare sector you’ll require a range of insurances to cover you against potential claims or loss.

Writing an article for GoToSee can help increase exposure of your practice leading to more enquiries and potential clients.

“Avoid being scammed over the phone or via email with this advice from GoToSee – the UK’s leading alternative medicine and complementary therapy directory.”

“Once you’ve set up your GoToSee listing, how do you go about writing content for your profile page? In this article, we’ll explain how.”

“Once you’ve signed up with GoToSee, how do you make your profile page a powerful and effective tool for attracting potential clients? This article will show you how.”


GoToSee Profile Page
Create a profile page on GoToSee

Learn how to make your GoToSee profile page a powerful and effective tool for attracting potential clients


Write web content
Write content for your profile page

Learn how to write effective content for your GoToSee profile page


Low cost therapists websites

Having a website for your therapy business is essential for attracting new clients.

GoToSee can deliver a low cost professional website including hosting & support.

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