Licensing and syndicating content from GoToSee

Licensing GoToSee alternative medicine content

All of the content on this website was created especially for GoToSee. While many of the facts and evidence presented are common knowledge or to be found in the public domain, our therapy, ailments, articles and health news pages contain unique copy that is protected under copyright law.

GoToSee use Copyscape to ensure our content is not used elsewhere on the internet without our prior knowledge.

We believe that alternative medicine, complementary therapy and natural health knowledge should be shared and distributed to encourage others to explore the world of holistic medicine. Therefore, should you wish to use any of the content found here on GoToSee then we are happy to let you do so but under certain conditions:

1. You should contact us via email or phone and request permission to use our content
2. When displaying our content on your website you should inform readers where the content is from and that it is copyrighted material (use the © symbol)
i.e. © Article provided by or © Therapy information provided by
3. You should provide a full link to the content you have used from on every page that our content is displayed on your site
i.e. If you use the article ‘Lose Weight with Hypnotherapy’ you should use the URL for that article which in this case would be
4. Should you use an alternative medicine article that has been written by a therapist or practitioner who advertises with GoToSee, you should also provide a link to their therapist page (the link can be found under ‘Article submitted by’)

GoToSee RSS syndication

Our Alternative Medicine News and Alternative Medicine Articles sections are also available for syndication using RSS feeds. You do not need permission to display our RSS feeds on your site as they will automatically link over to us. However, please display on your site where the content has been syndicated from – this has been included in the code below (you are free to edit the text but the link must remain).

Alternative Medicine News

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Alternative Medicine Articles

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