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Inner calm with the relaxation audio

The audio here provides you with an easy way to begin experiencing the benefits of deep relaxation. By setting aside just twenty minutes a day to listen to the audio, you can give yourself peace of mind during which you can let go of tension, clear away any negative thoughts, and re-energise yourself. At the same time, you can reprogramme your mind with positive thoughts and images.

The beneficial effects of using the audio are cumulative. During the first listening, you may find it difficult to let go and relax as you concentrate on following the instructions. But each time you play it, you will find it easier. Some people even fall asleep. If this happens, do not worry – the audio is programmed to wake you up at the end.

You may think that all this sounds a bit like a mild form of hypnosis. In which case, you would in fact, be right – this gentle type of hypnosis is both soothing and comforting. Above all, it is relaxing and completely safe.

How to use the audio

Listen here

Track 1(file size 19.3mb)

Track 2(file size 17.7mb)

There are two tracks 1 & 2. You can listen via a live stream from our audio player or you can download the MP3 files and listen on your iPod or MP3 player.

(You will be told to use stress sensor dots. These dots are not available and were part of the original Stress Management Kit by Alix Needham (Virgin Publications 1996. Republished by Connections 2002). Not having the dots shouldn’t detract from the effectiveness of the audio.)

Before you start listening:

– Find a comfortable, quiet place to sit or lie down.
– Switch off the telephone (or take if off the hook) and make sure that you will not be disturbed.
– Close your eyes and follow the instruction on the audio.
– No real effort is required as the music and the voice will take you into deep relaxation.

To begin with, just play Track 1 every day for approximately two weeks. When you feel that you can relax quite easily while listening to Track 1, move on to Track 2.

Track 2 contains more music and fewer instructions. In time, you may find it particularly useful to play Track 2 at bedtime as it will help you sleep.

As you become more relaxed in your daily life, play whichever track you prefer three or four times a week, or as often as you need. Gradually, you will find that you have more energy  – your stress-induced symptoms will start to disappear, your concentration will improve, and you will feel a greater sense of happiness and wellbeing. You will also be less prone to illness.

You can use the audio at any time – day or night. It is neither harmful nor addictive in any way at all. Most people choose a time that fits easily into their routine – after work, for example, so that they are relaxed and refreshed to enjoy the evening.

Experiment by listening to the audio at different times of the day until you find the time that best suits your needs. There is just one word of warning; never play the tape when you are driving a car or using machinery.

Next, we’ll learn how to relax using breathing and guided imagery techniques.

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