Improve your self image

Improving self-image

Most of us can benefit from improving our self-image. Carry out the exercises suggested in this article and you can give yourself a confidence boost – they can unquestionably help to speed you on your way to your goals.

Practise your skills

You need to be aware of weaknesses in your skills. For example, do you work on a computer but cannot use the latest software that would make your job easier? If so, you could be making yourself feel inadequate or incompetent.

Once you have recognized your weak points, set about trying to improve them. This will boost your overall confidence. Spend some time writing down your weak spots and make a plan of action to improve them. Do not expect everything to improve at once – allow a realistic time scale for your skills to improve and measure your progress. If time is of the essence, then work first on those skills that will help you achieve your goals and let go of the less important items.

Skills improvement list
Inadequate skills How to improve
1. Hopeless cook – especially for impromptu dinner parties. Watch TV chef every Thursday 7pm for ideas.
2. Baffled by latest computers at work – everyone else thinks they’re wonderful! Ask Sue for opportunities for day release course on computers OR check out evening classes.

Polish your image

Take a good look at yourself. Are you happy with what you see? Are you presenting an image, both to yourself and others, that says, ‘I’m confident and happy about who and what I am?’

If not, check out your wardrobe and throw out the clothes that do not fit with that confident image. What about your hairstyle? Are your skin and nails in good condition? Looking good can help you to feel good and so avoid self-doubt.

Think about your posture. Do you slouch or walk tall? If you have a tendency to walk along looking at your feet, try walking with your head up with your eyes aimed at the roof tops. This may seem silly, but psychologists have found that it is much harder for you to experience negative feelings when you look upwards.

Reward yourself

Another way to boost your self-image is to learn how to recognise those times when you perform well or deal effectively with a difficult situation. And when you do, give yourself a pat on the back – the chances are nobody else will.

It is well known that people are generally quite poor at praising others. We tend to focus on people’s faults, forgetting to say ‘Well done’ when credit is due. Develop ways of praising yourself and feel good about it when you do. It will then be easier to praise others.

Cast your mind back over the last year and you will probably find that you have made a lot of progress in many ways and in several different areas of your life that you have not really acknowledged. Or think about events that left you disappointed and try to find something positive about them by identifying what you learnt from the experience. It may have been hellish but what new knowledge did you gain that you can take forward with you into the future?

Acknowledging the good things in your lift and realising that you can learn an awful lot from the not-so-good, is another way of rewarding yourself and avoiding the stress that self-doubt brings.

In the next article, you’ll learn how to recognise your positive qualities.

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