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Stress: The feel-good factor

By now you will be aware that stress is something that you create – it is your response to stressful situations. So, for an event to be stressful, much depends how you view that event and how you feel about yourself.

For example, most people have a dread of examinations, but if you are able to walk into an examination hall feeling positive – perhaps because you passed an important examination when  you were young – you can actually relish the stress which gives you a head start over the rest. This so called ‘feel-good factor’ is central to how you handle new and challenging situations – meeting new people, learning new skills or performing under pressure – with greater confidence and less negative stress.

Believing in yourself helps you become more resilient to stress. It shapes your attitude towards life. It enables you to feel positive about getting through difficult situations and about your life generally. This confidence, in turn, will often encourage you to seek out new challenges – and as a result you will achieve more in life.

Self-doubt and self-confidence

Conversely, self-doubt can eat away inside you without you realizing what you are doing to yourself.   Self-doubt can sabotage your actions. Worse still, you colleagues, your boss or even a prospective new employer may recognize that you are not one hundred per cent sure of yourself and may not offer you new opportunities as a result. If you constantly doubt the quality of your work, it will encourage others to question your abilities, too.

If you lack self-confidence, work is by no means the only aspect of your life that can suffer either. It can deplete your social skills and the way potential partners see you – at worse they may not ask you out or accept your offer of a date. Similarly, if you doubt your ability to win in competition, your opponent will pick this up and turn it to his or her advantage by increasing the pressure.

The good news is that self-doubt does not have to rule your life. It is not difficult to develop effective strategies to boost your self-image and you can easily learn how to feel good about yourself, and above all, believe in yourself.

In the next article we’ll take a look and how to improve your self-image.

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