Stress Management

Understanding stress

Introduction - getting started

How to get started with the stress management kit.

Identifying the causes of stress

How to identify stress and its many causes such as experience and pressure.

Causes of stress

The many causes of stress are referred to as stressors. Learn about stressors and how they affect your stress levels.

The goal of stress management

Find out how much stress you've experienced in the last year and the importance of identifying stressors.

Symptoms of stress

Learn how to recognise the symptoms of stress and take the stress tests to see how stressed you are.

Making a stress diary

A stress diary can help you identify the stressors in your life by recording events and experiences.

The link between stress and personality

Are you more prone to stress than someone else? Find out your stress personality with this simple test.

Are you a workaholic?

Working too hard is often the cause of stress. Find out if you're a workaholic and how it can affect your health.

The health hazards of stress

Stress can have serious implications to your physical and mental health. Learn more about the hazards of stress, the three phases of stress to look out for and take a test to see if you're suffering burnout.

Short term and long term stress

How to understand if you're suffering short term stress, long term stress or complete burnout.

How do you cope with stress?

Are you someone who copes with stress? Find out about your coping resources and what factors enhance your ability to deal with stress.

Controlling stress

Feel good about yourself

Find out how to overcome self-doubt and build self confidence.

Improving your self-image

Stress management advice for improving your self-image and reducing stress levels.

Recognising your positive qualities

Recognising your skills and what you do well is an important step in overcoming stress.

Changing your thoughts

Negative thoughts and emotions have a big impact on your wellbeing. Learn to understand how the way you think can affect your stress levels.

Faulty thinking patterns

Change faulty thinking by looking at the various aspects of life and realising things aren't as bad as you think.

Selective and negative thinking

Learn about negative thinking and develop strategies to help you change.

Learning to cope with change

Changes in life are inevitable but they trigger stress. Find out how learning to cope with changes can help reduce stress levels.

How to manage change

People cope with change in different ways. By learning how to cope you can begin to manage change.

Reducing stress in relationships

Relationships can help or hinder stress. Learn how to express your feelings and get the support you need.

Taking the stress out of relationships

Learn the steps towards a healthy relationship and the do's and don'ts of relationship problems.

How to assert yourself

Being assertive and learning to say 'no' is a major step toward overcoming problems with stress.

Three steps to becoming an assertive communicator

Assertiveness training is key to dealing with other people effectively and communicating your thoughts and emotions. These three steps will show you how it's done.

Instant ways to manage your time

Time management will help reduce your stress levels. Learn how to manage your time effectively.

Relaxation techniques

Relaxation is vital to your health and wellbeing. Take the test and find out how well you relax.

Relaxation audio

Listen or download this free relaxation mp3 and achieve an inner calm.

Breathe stress away

Breathing techniques for times when you feel stressed or harassed.

Seven instant relaxation techniques

When you need to feel calm, use these seven instant relaxation techniques.

See the funny side

Humour and laughter are important for successful stress management.

Travel stress

One of the biggest causes of stress is travelling. Use these coping strategies to reduce travel stress.

Achieving a balanced lifestyle

Getting your lifestyle balance right can be difficult but it's vital to achieve the right balance in order to reduce stress.

How to achieve a healthy lifestyle

A healthy body is a stress-free body so learn how to get yourself a healthy lifestyle.

The benefits of physical activity

Exercise is fundamental to the reduction of physical and mental tension which can cause stress.

Eat to beat stress

The right diet and healthy nutrition will help you reduce your stress levels.

The effects of alcohol and smoking on stress

Nicotine and alcohol are used as coping mechanisms for stress but they ultimately increase stress levels rather than reduce them.

The Dos and Don’ts of stress management

A brief summary on stress management techniques.


Alix Needham

The content in this section has been kindly provided by Alix Needham from her book and CD "The Stress Management Kit" (Virgin Publications 1996. Republished by Connections 2002).

Alix is a fully qualified Life Coach, NLP and Hypnotherapist practitioner in central London specialising in stress management. As a pioneer of the concept of Lifestyle Management, she has spent 20 years helping thousands of people achieve what they want.

For more information about Alix visit her GoToSee therapy page here

Or visit her stress and lifestyle management website

Text Copyright © Alix Needham


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Managing Stress

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Relaxation mp3/CD/Audio
Time to unwind

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Stress Test
Are you stressed?

Learn how to recognise stress and then take the stress test to see how you're doing.


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How to be happy at work

The workplace is a stressful environment. Follow these tips for some workplace happiness.

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