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“If you change your self, you can change your relationships, your intimate encounters, your sex life, and, incidentally, your life!” – Author: Paula Fenn, Counsellor & Psychotherapist Cheltenham Gloucestershire

“Although as a couple you are two people, you are also individuals with very distinct personalities and there will come a moment when one personality will clash with the other.”

“Intimate relationships can improve our life, or make it miserable! But falling into addictive relationships will, at some point, always make our lives miserable.” – Author: Richard Gosling, Counselling Hammersmith West London

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Stop smoking

Featured Video - Stop Smoking
If you're looking to quit smoking then you'll be in good company.

There are 10 million ex-smokers in the UK. See how some of them kicked the habit and their reasons for wanting to quit.

“Hypnosis boasts over 60% success rate in helping people to stop smoking and the reason for its success lies in its approach.” – Author: Alix Kindell, Hypnotherapy Clapham Common, London

Has the smoking ban made a difference? This video examines the effect it has had.

“If you’ve struggled with giving up smoking, chocolate or other unhealthy food, you will know from bitter experience that will power alone is not enough. EFT is a therapy that is particularly suited to working with addictions.” – Author: Fiona Cutts, EFT Prestwich Manchester

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Fitness & Sports

Featured Video - Cycling Advice
Looking to get fit? Cycling is a great way to improve fitness and your overall health.

In this video, a physical activity adviser explains how cycling is good for your health, and cyclists give tips for staying safe on the road.


“By remaining flexible through sports massage and assisted stretching, your body should be in good working order for your next training and next sportive event.” – Author: Richard Guy, Sports Massage Therapist, Wandsworth, South West London

“Current scientific research into sports nutrition suggest that the timing of nutrients maybe more important than what is eaten.” – Author: Susan Davis, Nutritional Therapist New Forest Hampshire

“Hypnotherapy has an increasingly growing reputation for helping clients heal from physical injury and illness, as well as accounts of what can be termed as ‘miracle cures’.” – Author: Christos Christopher, Hypnotherapy Islington London

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