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Featured Video - Children's shoes
Children's feet grow at such a rapid rate that they require new shoes on a regular basis.

In this short video,a podiatrist offers expert advice on what children should - or shouldn't wear on their feet.

“Feeling nervous about an exam, or test of any kind, is natural. Too much exam stress can cause acute anxiety, cloud your thinking and may have you experiencing a mental blank.” – Author: Olwyn Rowlands, Hypnotherapist Washington Tyne & Wear

“ADHD can be managed and some very successful people have turned it to their advantage by learning how to learning to optimise the strengths and minimise the negative aspects.” – Author: Alex Drummond, Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy Caerphilly Glamorgan

“If you are sitting an exam make the most of the opportunity. Plan a strategy to optimise the marks. Do your best and deal with whatever outcome you achieve.” Author: Alex Drummond, Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy Caerphilly Glamorgan

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Child behaviour

Featured Video - ADHD
ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) makes it difficult for sufferers to control their behaviour and causes hyperactivity and poor attention.

This video explains how the condition affects children and the treatments available. Two parents explain how they manage their child’s ADHD.

“Find a safe way of discovering which belief systems run your life, and work to change them to ones that actually can help you to live the life you want instead.” – Author: Caroline Nettle, Practitioner, Spiritual Growth Tools

“Can we do more to maintain and sustain our own mood and feeling good without relying on medication which brings a list of side effects?” – Author: Mark Shields, Life Coaching UK & Channel Islands

In this short video, two parents explain how they manage their child’s ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder).

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Child ailments & conditions

A this short health film, a paediatric consultant explains the causes, symptoms and treatment of lazy eye.

In this short health video, a paediatric consultant explains childhood squint and a father describes his daughter’s experiences of the condition.

A short video explaining what acne is, how it develops and how it is treated.

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Stay safe in the sun
Sun safety for children

This health video explains the importance of keeping kids safe in the sun.


Learning problems
Child learning

Kinesiology is one complementary therapy that could help your child with dyslexia, dyspraxia or ADHD


What's your child's BMI?

Use our calculator to work out their Body Mass Index


Digestion problems
Please give up

Smoking hurts everyone, by Alice aged 11

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