Submitting articles to GoToSee

Submitting an article

GoToSee welcome and actively encourage article submissions from alternative medicine/complementary therapy practitioners and other healthcare professionals.

Why submit to GoToSee?

You may have seen our library of health articles already, but are you aware of the benefits of writing and submitting an article for GoToSee?

  • As a healthcare professional, you can show our readers your expertise in your chosen field.
  • Submitting health related articles that are published online can establish you as a health writer.
  • If you’re a therapist who advertises with GoToSee, an article written by you has a link to your dedicated therapist page. The more people read your articles, the more exposure you get.
  • Articles get picked up by the major search engines and rank highly. If you’ve written for us, your article could appear on the first page of Google for search results related to your therapy.

Still not sure? One of our listed NLP therapists who submits articles to GoToSee has ranked on page one for his articles. (see picture). Imagine the exposure your article could give your business.

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Submission Guidelines

We look forward to receiving your article, but before you start writing, here are a few guidelines:

  • Articles relating to any modality and ailment or condition will be suitable providing we have that specific modality included on our site.
  • Write an article that is for education or information purposes. Wherever possible, use language that the general public will understand but if technical terms need to be used, try to explain clearly what they mean.
  • We do not propose a template for articles. We want article submissions that reflect your writing style.
  • Sorry, but if your article advertises a particular product, course or service then we can’t accept it.
  • Similarly, if you’ve written an article that doesn’t provide information to the reader but is used to promote services (known as an ‘Advertorial’) then we can’t accept it.
  • The aim of this section is to promote information.
  • Please avoid duplicating content. Your article should be unique and not have been published anywhere else. Similarly, please do not copy others work and use it within your own article.
  • You must be the rights holder of any image you provide us. By uploading your image you give us permission to use it. Please do not upload an image that you do not own the rights to. If you can’t provide an image we will do so from our image library.
  • By submitting an article to GoToSee you confirm that the content was created and written by you and does not breach any copyright laws.

What happens once I submit an article?

In the first instance, your article will be reviewed by our editorial team. If necessary, we may contact you with recommendations about changes to the content or to request further information. This is not intended to undermine your writing, but to help your article become better suited to our site.

If you have an article you would like us to publish now, please use our online form or attach it to an email.

If you have any questions call the team on 020 8446 2224 during normal office hours.