Gastric Band Hypnotherapy – What Is It and How Does It Work?

Gastric Band Hypnotherapy

A lot of people are asking what is gastric band hypnotherapy and how does it work. It is one of the most common methods used to help obese people lose weight. Though typically a more radical type of approach to weight loss, there are more and more people who would like to undergo this procedure so that they could lose weight more rapidly.

People are made to believe through hypnosis that they are undergoing surgery – gastric band surgery. But then, instead of having incisions, the patients are placed under hypnosis and the surgery is merely simulated.


Hypnotherapists do their best to make the simulations as real as possible, through sounds, smells, and a whole lot more. It is believed that through engaging all of the senses, the mind finds it easier to believe that there is a change in the body. People who undergo gastric band hypnotherapy say that the feeling is so real, that they really think that they really have the impression of undergoing surgery.

The mind is fully engaged while a person undergoes gastric band hypnotherapy. In this way, he or she gets to feel like he or she is really going to undergo the real surgery. The different cues signal the brain to absorb all of the things it feels, and then makes the experience more believable.

Gastric band surgery

Gastric band surgery involves making incisions on the abdomen, which could scare away a lot of people. There are also a lot more complications and side effects tied to this type of surgery since it is an invasive type. People who do not wish to get any complications would certainly want to choose the alternative, which is gastric band hypnotherapy.

People who want to undergo this procedure want to ask “what is gastric band hypnotherapy and how does it work”. To those who have undergone this procedure already, they really feel like they just underwent surgery and their stomachs cannot hold food like they used to.

The brain makes it possible for the stomach to be able to hold only a certain amount of food, which is lower than the usual. The patients really feel different and they really feel like they have a band around their stomachs which help them to feel fuller longer.

There are certainly a lot of side effects when it comes to undergoing surgery and this is why many people do not want to undergo gastric band surgery, but instead, they go for gastric band

Though it may take a 3 hour hypnotherapy session, this procedure is still cheaper than undergoing surgery with zero side effects. To those who wish to undergo gastric band hypnotherapy, it is best to ask reputable hypnotherapist with at least 10 years of experience.

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