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I was thinking today how being a spiritual person can fit into life coaching I have a number of ideas and I would like to share them with you.

First of all what is “being spiritual”?

We all have different versions of this and of course yours may be different to mine.

Some believe it is about having trust in a higher energy, the connection with that energy and being able to utilize this for the better good.

For some it could mean being active in their spirituality by meditating, doing yoga, working with other complementary concerns, reiki healing, crystals, gongs and other approaches.


For me when I look at what I see is a spiritual person, I see a wholeness that can exude from them, a sense of understanding their place in the world, maybe having a higher purpose and being ok with that.

The danger as I see it with spirituality is that it can also be an avoidance strategy that people turn too that makes them feel better or avoid taking responsibility for their lives.

The law of attraction is in play as I write and as I sit and think about what I want it will come to me.

I agree that we need to start from a place of knowing what we want and allowing that to take on board a sense of reality for us, to make this come alive and take shape.

I would then ask

Is this enough?

From experience I see how time and again people wont put action into getting what they want and then become frustrated with the end result or not getting results.

I do agree in putting it out to the universe to say what we want and believing in a universal energy to fuel that want.

I also believe in action, accountability and creating shifts in awareness that the universe doesn’t know about.

In fact we may not know about it either.

Within a transformational coaching session these desires can start to surface, blocks of potential may be removed and accountable actions built in to client interactions that a process of questioning has brought about.

The power here is that people don’t do this by themselves.

The end result for the client is one of more clarity, purpose, awareness and direction.

If you are coaching someone who believes in the Law of Attraction and all things spiritual it won’t be your job to challenge this (unless it is useful!).

You would want to work with them and create goals and shifts based on their model of the world. What they are seeing is true and working with that in creative ways.

There may be times that challenge is entirely appropriate for the coaching session and that through this approach the client can go away with more clarity and also a wow moment that they might say.

I can’t believe that’s how I have been living my life!

We don’t know what we know until we know it.

This is true of most things and whether you choose to live by the Law of Attraction or the Law of Action I’m ok with that.

I would ask could you work with both to get what you want?

cognitive-behavioural-coachingAbout The Author

Paul Kensett is a life coach and founder of Paul Kensett Training and Coaching solutions and a qualified coach and NLP Practitioner.

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