What Can You Expect In An Integrated Energy Healing Session?

energy-healing-sessionEnergy Healing Sessions

“If the body is nourished and protected by this circulation of vitality, how can it possibly become ill?” – Huang Di Nei Jing, The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine (II cent. BC)

Before the Session and Case Taking

The first thing you can expect actually happens before the session. I will ask you to complete a short questionnaire, which asks for information about your current lifestyle, your health history, the reasons you are contacting me, and some questions about your childhood.

Receiving this in advance means that I am able to “tune in” energetically before we meet, and we are able to go “deeper” in the first session. I think it also gives you as the client the advantage of having some clarity around your situation: stopping to put things down on paper and formulate things for another person can be really helpful.

When you arrive, the session will begin with what is called “case taking”. In the first session, I will most likely ask you for clarifications/expansions on what you have written on the form. In subsequent sessions, I will ask for an update on where you are with the symptoms that first brought you to me, and anything new that you want to tell me about.

Often, I will ask you to feel into the emotional impact the events you are describing have on you. For example, thinking back to the client who came with heart arrhythmia, he was talking about his ex-partner. When I asked him to stop talking, and to feel into what was going on in his body, he told me he could feel the pain and hurt in his heart (a lot of people do not have this bodily awareness – and that is fine. Energy medicine still works!).

During the case taking, I will be feeling into your energy field, and observing you as you talk. This can give me clues as to the areas where energy is stuck, and where we may need to work in the healing session.

People often ask me if I “see” energy, energy fields or auras. And the answer is no – not at the moment, although I am open to being able to see them in the future! People pick up on energy in all kinds of different ways.

For me, it is generally the case that I get an energetic sense of someone, just from the initial email or phone conversation. This is then added to by the client details form, and obviously meeting you face to face. This kind of energetic sensing is often referred to as a “direct knowing”.

Then, in the hands on part of the healing, I tend to feel in my hands where energy is blocked, where there is pain, or where energy is flowing in an uneven, or “stressed” way. I can also sometimes literally feel the person’s pain in my own body, or feel their own emotions myself (this was a bit confusing when it first started to happen – I could start a healing feeling bright, confident and happy, and suddenly be “attacked” by feelings of doubt – and then realise this is exactly what the client had been talking about).

With experience, it has become much easier to separate out what is “mine” and what is the client’s during a healing session!

Coming back to the healing session: after the casetaking, I would assess which therapy, or combination of therapies, would be most appropriate for you in the session (I practice Integrated Energy Healing, the Emotional Freedom Technique and Reiki healing).

During the Session

If energy healing is appropriate, I would ask you to lie on your back, fully clothed on the treatment couch. I would offer you a blanket – which as well as keeping you warm during the treatment, can also be very nurturing.

I would start working on your energy field by placing my hands on your feet. If you are not comfortable with physical touch, then I would have my hands just above your body, in your energy field – this works just as well. I would then continue working with my hands on different parts of your legs, before putting my hands on (or above) your chakras (see positions of the chakras here).

It’s often the case that I will “pick up” some energetic blockage which I would work on. If there is stale energy from the past (perhaps some anger, sadness or fear) which is ready to be released, then often I am able to facilitate that release just with my hands.

Other times there may be a need to dialogue with you. It could be that I ask you to really feel into the pain/anger /hurt, and this will help the energy to release. Or it may be that I take you back to a time in your childhood where a particular pattern started to develop, and give you the chance to express what you weren’t able to express then. This again allows stuck, old energy to release.

At the end of the healing session, I would return to your feet. It is really important to leave the energy healing session feeling grounded and stable, and working on the feet at the end of the session ensures this is the case. You would then have some time to allow the healing to “go through” your being, before getting up from the couch and coming back to sitting with me to complete the session. (I write later on about the ending of the session).


If EFT is going to be used in the session, I briefly explain the basis of EFT: that it is a psychological form of acupuncture that can be used to heal emotional and physical issues very quickly. Tapping on certain acupuncture points whilst in touch with the issue that is causing distress (this can be physical, emotional or psychological) breaks the energetic connection between the issue and
the emotion, which leads to healing.

Sometimes, I use EFT during the casetaking stage, as it can help to put the client in touch with what is going on for them emotionally. The subsequent energy healing or reiki then allows the energy field to”“settle down”, releasing any remaining trauma, but also taking in bright, high level energy to replace the stuck energy that was ready to leave.

Often, however, it seems appropriate to use EFT for the whole session. What can often happen is that as someone talks about their issues, and starts to tap, they very quickly start to go deeper and deeper and can very quickly “drop” to the core of the issue they are working on.

I will illustrate this with an example from a case with a client. We started off tapping on my client’s overeating. We included in the tapping the times when she was likely to overeat, the types of food she was likely to eat, and how she felt about the overeating. Suddenly, she had a memory from childhood: of her father forcing her to eat all of the food left on her plate, even though she was full up.

This was rapidly followed by a memory of her mother giving her extra food, particularly sweets and wheat, when she had to work hard for an exam, or when she had done well at something.

This therefore set up two conditions for the overeating: learning to disassociate being hungry from eating, and eating for comfort or for celebration, again not connected with being hungry. After tapping on these issues, the client had a realisation: that her mother had shown love through food, and in fact continued to show love through food, and that she was unconsciously repeating that pattern herself.

So, at its core, her overeating was associated with not loving herself, and not giving love to herself in appropriate ways. Once this had all been included in the tapping, this client’s problems with
food and overeating rapidly improved.

A really positive aspect of EFT is that you can use it on your own. For this reason, I do like to include it in sessions with most of my clients: it is a brilliant and simple self help tool. Using it between sessions can really help people to deal with emotional and physical issues that come up day to day.

Using it with an EFT practitioner too can lead to deeper healing for three reasons: the therapist may see things you aren’t able to see yourself (blind spots); similarly, because a practitioner has also been trained in energetic patterning, a practitioner is often able to see patterns of behaviour and connections that may not be apparent to the client.

Finally, often people will say things out loud to me that they have never said to anyone else, and in some cases had not even fully admitted to themselves. This bringing out of the shadow into
the light is hugely healing in itself.


Having written about energy healing and the Emotional Freedom Technique, I would like now to say a little about reiki healing, the other therapy I practice: when I use it and how it is different from energy healing.

I have been attuned to the specific frequency of reiki energy, and am able to channel that energy during a reiki healing. It is said that the energy will go where it is needed in the recipient’s body to heal any areas that need healing.

In my opinion, it is very similar to celestial healing. In this type of healing, bright, high energy is channelled, and any stuck energy that is ready to leave will simply “melt away” as it cannot bear the presence of such a high vibration energy.

This type of healing is very useful when a person is suffering from shock, trauma or bereavement. It is often received passively, without the dialoguing that can happen in other types of energy healing.

Ending the Session

Finally, regardless of which therapy or therapies we have worked with, at the end of the session, there is always a chance for you to ask questions about the healing session, or about the way I work. It’s also a chance for me to let you know about some additional things you can do to help your own health and healing process.

As I said earlier, I often teach my clients the Emotional Freedom Technique, which people can then use to work through emotional or physical issues as they come up for them in their day to day life.

Based on the information you have given me on the client details form, and the healing sessions we have had, I can give you some ideas about things you may like to incorporate into your everyday life.

This includes awareness exercises, energy exercises (mainly based on Chi Kung) and nutrition tips (please note I am trained in energetic principles, and am not a certified nutritionist or chi kung instructor – but I do have a lot of practical experience of using these techniques to help build vitality and health).

At the end of the first session, I also talk through with you the best way forward in terms of continuing sessions with me. In subsequent sessions, there will be a chance to review how you feel the sessions are helping you and where you are on your healing journey.

Often, in the case of chronic conditions, it is likely that regular treatments would be helpful (if a condition has taken a while to build up in the energy field, it can also take a number of sessions to release). It is also often the case that a one-off session will resolve the issue you came to see me with.

However, it can also be helpful, if you have no particular medical concern, to come for a “top up” treatment from time to time (I recommend once every four to six weeks). Keeping your energy field clear can help protect against physical illness and stress.

energy-healing-reiki-central-manchesterAbout The AuthorFiona Cutts is an Integrated Energy Healer based in Hebden Bridge and Central Manchester.

Fiona uses Energy Healing, Reiki and EFT in her sessions to help clients achieve more wellness and more vitality – whether suffering from long term, chronic illness, feeling stressed or simply wanting a bit more meaning or direction in life.

To find our more about Fiona’s work visit her GoToSee profile page here


Visit her website www.fionacuttsenergyhealing.co.uk

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