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energy-healingEnergy Healing Theory & Practice

“The process of healing is really a process of remembering – remembering who you are…..When all the energies in each body are balanced, health occurs.” – Barbara Brennan

In the energy view of the world, emotional discomfort, physical illness and any kind of addiction, phobia or fear are caused by a blockage or a disruption in the energy field.

These blockages or disruptions in time harden and become more solid, more dense, more invasive, and often finally manifest as illness.

Energy Healing Case Studies

It’s probably useful at this point to come to a couple of real life examples, which will make it easier to understand the theory. I have recently had two clients come to me with a condition called heart arrhythmia. This is a condition where the heart begins to beat irregularly; it is often treated with tablets to regulate the heart beat, and sometimes a surgical or non-surgical intervention known as ‘ablation.’

As part of coming to see me for healing sessions, I ask clients to fill in a form where they answer some questions about (amongst other things) their childhood. In the case of my first client (I will call him Fred), it became clear that my client had had the type of upbringing where he was not encouraged to feel or show his feelings.

In addition to this, Fred felt his mother was unable to express love towards her son, as he might have wanted either physically or verbally (although he felt sure that she had loved him.)

These childhood conditions had caused my client to disconnect from his feelings, find it hard to express himself emotionally, and also to form an energetic protection around his heart. At the time he came to see me, this was causing him some distress in his relationship with his partner.

In the healing sessions, we did some regression work, where I brought him back to a time in his childhood where he remembered being upset about his mother not opening up to him. The healing session gave him the chance to express what he had not been able to express to his mother as a child, and also the chance to see that as an adult he could give the unhealed child inside himself the love and approval he had been craving.

In another session, we did some work on the current relationship; again, the client was able to express himself to his partner in a way he had not been able to in “real life”. We also had a couple of sessions where I just encouraged my client to fully feel the emotions going on in his heart.

My client also made quite a few lifestyle changes: improving his diet, giving up coffee, and drinking less alcohol, spending less time on movies and more time on meditation, exercise and being outside. The combination of all these things has enabled him to heal his heart to the extent that he is now back to his fulltime job.

The other example of someone with this condition is a female client of mine, Sarah. In her case, there had always been a lot of illness and suffering in her family. Her father had been a hypochondriac for as long as she can remember and all of family life revolved around him and his various illnesses.

Recently, in her adult life, her father continued to be quite ill, and her sister developed a serious illness. Her family all expected her to be there for them, disregarding her own needs and her own life. Her words were telling: “I don‟t have the heart to carry on.” In her case, we did some healing work where she was able to tell her family how she felt.

Similarly, with my hands on her heart and throat chakras, she was able to feel the feelings and emotions fully, which enabled her to move on. These healing sessions enabled her to express herself to her family, and to find the courage to take the time and energy to look after herself and her health, rather than always defaulting to being there for others.

Over time, the situation in my client’s family improved, which meant she could take more time for herself and her own healing. Her heart condition also improved, as did her ability to look after herself.
(Please note I am not saying or implying that traditional medicine has nothing to offer in these situations; my own father had a heart attack about 8 years ago, and would certainly not be enjoying his current good health if he had not had bypass surgery.)

Another example is more of an emotional nature. A client came to me because she was having trouble letting go of a previous partner. She felt that whilst she had intellectually moved on, and could rationally see that the relationship was over, at some deeper level something was preventing her from moving on emotionally.

In this energetic view of the world, we have energetic cords linking us to everyone we are in relationship with. Even if we have a brief conversation with someone, we will have some kind of energetic connection through those cords. Obviously, with people who we are more involved with, such as family members, friends, partners or lovers, those cords will be stronger.

A healthy energetic cord will be bright and clear. Often, of course these cords can become “murky” with discordant energy. In my client’s case, talking about the issue and then feeling into the energy in the heart and throat chakra whilst on the healing couch was enough to clear the cords and allow her to move on emotionally.

This is similar to an experience of mine. I had had a romantic relationship about ten years ago, which had ended very traumatically, and had in retrospect never been that easy at the time. I had been quite angry at the end of the relationship, and very determined to put it behind me.

Sometimes, where one partner is quite needy, and literally wants something from the other person, they can put an energetic hook into the other person’s energy field. This means it is very difficult for the other person to fully let go, which is what I experienced. Despite my massive desire to really let go and not have this man in my life any more, I somehow couldn‟t completely do it.

During my energy healing training, my friend removed a hook from this man from my third eye chakra. Since that time, I have scarcely thought about him, and have been able to move on with my life in a way I hadn‟t been able to before.

How to interpret these examples from real life?

I see it as: something happens that causes a disruption in our energy field. Often, that pattern may be repeated over and over again. So, in the case of Fred, the man who eventually developed a heart condition, he repeated the pattern from his childhood of not expressing or even feeling his feelings, and of protecting his heart.

In time, these unexpressed emotions became “locked” in his body, and he developed an energetic “block” or “armouring” around his heart which eventually manifested as physical illness. In my case, the ex-partner who had “hooked” into me energetically was certainly one of the factors in the extreme lack of energy I experienced when I was very ill with M.E.

It can sometimes be as though our energy is literally being “sucked” out of us. This situation also contributed to my feeling of “stuckness” and finding it very difficult to move forward with my life, which
again is very common with chronic illness of any kind.

In these two examples, there is a quite clear link between the “event” and the physical manifestation of the blocked or stuck energy. Sometimes, the link seems less obvious.

For example, cases of criticism or hurt in childhood (and we all carry this to some degree, as our parents were most likely not enlightened beings, and so brought their own conditioning to the way they brought us up) lead to a lack of energy, a lack of fulfilment, a sense that there should be more to life than we are experiencing.

This is because maintaining these energy blocks takes energy. Energy wants to flow freely, and keeping it stuck can be very draining. Also, if we are not feeling the painful things, we are conversely not able to open fully to the pleasure that life brings. This can lead to that nagging feeling of lack of fulfilment or of feeling that we are not living life to the full.

It is my experience through the healing sessions that I have had that as I was able to open more to painful experiences through working on blocked emotional energy from the past, I have also been able to be much more open to the positive and the joyful in life. The range of emotions I feel is much greater; also because I am no longer so afraid of feeling painful emotions, I am much less fearful of taking on new challenges.

And this of course is one reason why life feels more full and engaging: I am not afraid to do new things or to take a risk with things (of course this is an ongoing process, and for me literally a part of my day to day practice: getting more comfortable with risk taking and fear).

So, you can see from these examples that Integrated Energy Healing is able to break the pattern of the stuck energy which in turn leads to healing on the physical level.

energy-healing-reiki-central-manchesterAbout The AuthorFiona Cutts is an Integrated Energy Healer based in Hebden Bridge and Central Manchester.

Fiona uses Energy Healing, Reiki and EFT in her sessions to help clients achieve more wellness and more vitality – whether suffering from long term, chronic illness, feeling stressed or simply wanting a bit more meaning or direction in life.

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