September Detox

September DetoxSeptember is an ideal time to detox

Did you know that September is a better time to detox than January?

Firstly, you may have indulged over the Summer. Ahem! You may be feeling a bit sluggish or your skin looking a little lacklustre. Perhaps you are noticing more aches and pains than normal.

Secondly, it is warmer now than during the short, dark days of Winter so you are more likely to stick to your daily food plan.

Thirdly, Autumn is rich in abundance with seasonal foods which gives you plenty of highly dense nutritious fresh foods to choose from.

What is a detox?

Detoxification is a programme to boost the quality of your health, not just by boosting your liver but also cleansing your digestive system so that it may function better. By giving your gut a chance to rest it allows the opportunity for your body to self-heal.

This will result in better general health felt throughout the rest of your body as any inflammation is soothed, toxins are purified and excreted and your absorption of nutrients increases thereby improving your energy. By the end you tend to feel lighter in body and mind.

And if you happen to lose a few pounds in the process then all the better for you 🙂

A few modifications to your diet and lifestyle are put in place for you to get the maximum toxin clearance and boost your health. For example:

  1. Eat plenty of fibrous foods like fresh fruit and vegetables, brown rice and oats.
  2. Avoid all caffeinated drinks and replace with 2 litres of distilled water and green tea.
  3. Breathe deeply to allow more oxygen to circulate through your system.

Get a detox plan appropriate to your needs

We are surrounded by more chemicals in our environment than ever before. It is important to have a regular clear out but only if your body will not find it too much of a strain. There are many different types of detox programmes. Check with your nutritional practitioner if your body can handle a detox plan.

Nourish Naturally creates personalised detox programmes according to your needs. Please contact for further information.

Nutritional Therapist RickmansworthAbout The Author

Sophia Villiers is a Nutritional Therapist practising in Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire. She typically sees clients from the surrounding areas of Northwood, Watford and Amersham.

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