Abundance or Scarcity?

A life of contrasts

We are living in times (and always have done) of contrasts. Most people are living their life in struggle and pain. But how would we know what light is if we don’t experience darkness, or what love is if we didn’t know hate, or what health is if we didn’t know sickness?

We have, unless we are enlightened, forgotten who we are and why we came to this planet at this time. We have come to believe it’s our lot in life to be thwarted in our desires and struggle for the things we truly want.

Now not everyone believes in a higher power/force/God, whatever, if that’s the case you may not wish to read on. On the other hand if you do, then this may be of use to you.

What do you desire in life?

There are many people who believe, in spiritual circles, that a renaissance is happening on this planet at this time and many, many more people are ‘waking up’ and realising a higher state of consciousness. You either walk this path (life), consciously or unconsciously sleepwalking, in a kind of societal hypnosis, where fear and scarcity are the name of the game.

However, you can choose otherwise. To do so you need to become very, very aware in your daily life, minute to minute, if you want to being attractive what you desire in your life. This means manifesting what you want on the inside first, before it shows up in physical form. Further, it means working from the heart, not the head (which can be a challenge in a society that thrives on logic).

Creating empowering interiors is easier said than done, it’s true. Even for people very spiritually aware it’s not easy to stay in this new vibration all the time. Old patterns and beliefs hold us back, we feel disconnected from Source, our essence. In my practice I see more and more people who are trying, sub consciously, to fill the ‘void’ with addictions, alcohol, over eating, sex, narcotics etc.

In truth, our essence is that of joy, love and happiness. Most people, though, have picked up perceptions and habits on their journey and have come to believe that the dysfunctional state they find themselves struggling with is our natural state. Not so!

Beliefs and behaviour

Part of the reason we are living less than joyfully, is that the life we’ve been living is based out of habit, it’s familiar. Like the battered wife, who feels she can’t leave her husband because this is what she’s only ever known. Telling someone, who is experiencing this kind of life, that this is not their natural state, would be difficult, given their experience and belief systems.

It may take some time to loosen those beliefs. This is why creating and sticking to new habits is so difficult. They need to be conditioned long enough and often enough for the mind, the body and the nervous system to act as if they are true.

What often happens though, is that when we take on a new belief, then new behaviours that supports the new belief, but if it isn’t conditioned and used daily with constant reinforcement then the old ‘ways’ creep back in. After all we are familiar with the ‘old’ stuff, we know it hurts but we also know what to expect, even if it isn’t very much, or painful. So we stay where we are. This is such a shame. For the sake of being consistent in our desires and habits, we just lazily regress back.

In manifesting our desires, it’s imperative that we first of all, know them and believe we can have them. This may involve removing the energy blocks, of old patterns that we may be in. A goal must be linked to our Values (core values drive our behaviours.) It may involve choosing new perceptions (beliefs) and behaving consistently in a way that matches the beliefs, then we must be the right vibration. Underlying all of this, I believe, we must have a very good sense of self worth, this is the foundation of everything. You must feel like you deserve to have what you want.

When all these things are in place we are connecting to our higher selves. You know when you do it because you feel so much in the flow. Think of your first child being born, or your wedding day or some fantastic achievement you’ve accomplished.

There is that sense of ‘being on top’, connected, all being well in the world, love, joy. It’s so wonderful. If this wasn’t our natural state we would just sit back and say my life stinks, my relationships are crap and I feel emotional pain most of the time, but I love it! If this were the case more and more people would be happy in their disconnected state.

We came here to create, or co-create with God, Source, Universal Wisdom, whom or whatever suits your concepts. Every thought we have is having an impact on our cells and therefore our feelings and behaviours, scientists call it PsychoNeuroImmunology.

Research Scientist, Bruce Lipton has done a huge amount of research over the years and has written articles and books on the cells and their intelligence (see his latest book The Biology of Belief).

He states that… “The new perspective of human biology does not view the body as just a mechanical device, but rather incorporates the role of a mind and spirit. This breakthrough in biology is fundamental in all healing for it recognises that when we change our perception or beliefs we send totally different messages to our cells and reprogramme their expression. The new biology reveals why people can have spontaneous remissions or recover from injuries deemed to be permanent disabilities…”

So do you want to live a happier, fulfilling life, then it starts from the inside before you see it manifesting on the outside. You are probably going to live another 30, 40, 60 years perhaps.

Living the life you truly desire

Imagine if you started today, living the life you truly desire, maybe just little by little to start, then the quantum leaps happen, imagine looking back in 10 years time and feeling great because you set out on a joyful journey to manifest all the things you wanted, OR, imagine not really being bothered to put in a little time, read a few books, do a few workshops/seminars and still being more or less in the same place? It depends on your outlook, your beliefs and how far you want to go with your mind, body and spirit. It’s up to you. It is after all your life, your choices, ENJOY!

This week why not think about some of the Universal Laws such as The Law of Attraction or Abundance, maybe just choose one and really start to build some beliefs around it. Try it just for 7 days. Focus on what you want, do it daily many times. So, for example, if you are concentrating on the Law of Abundance, that states abundance is our natural state, there is plenty for everyone. There isn’t lack unless you create it first in your mind, remind yourself there is plenty.

Look at the abundance you already have in your life, more than enough food, flowers and trees everywhere to feast your eyes on, a place to live, friends and family to share with, books and great literature to read, hundreds of interesting people to meet and places to see.

Now if you are thinking, “yeah but, I don’t really like where I live or I don’t have enough money to have the kind of holidays I really want”. You have just changed your and gone into ‘lack’, you will therefore be focusing on what you haven’t got and will get more of that.

You have to come from the place and state of BEING in your DOINGNESS, as Neale Donald Walsh says. This means if you want to be successful in something, remember that state of feeling successful at something in your life, get into the feeling then do what ever it is in your life at that moment (doingness) in this state. Yes it’s a whole mind body thing! That way you ‘upping’ your vibration into attracting what you want more of.

Take a moment RIGHT NOW, and just run a little fantasy through your mind’s eye, of something you would love to have, be or do, it can be anything, get into the feelings of having achieved it already. Act as if. How does it look, feel, sound? Now when that feeling is strong, anchor that in, do something physical, clench your fist, pull your ear, whatever, and keep that feeling, so you have gone up a few ‘notches’.

Throughout the day, the week, fire this anchor so you feel in that state, you are already changing your vibration to a higher one, it should feel good, if not fantastic. It usually takes 21 days for a habit to become a habit.

We know now that neuroplasticity of the brain, the amount of times we have the same sort of thoughts shapes the brain, also every time we have a thought, no matter what it is, a chemical reaction happens, so it becomes very easy to reactivate ‘old’ reactions. That is why you really need to be aware of the kind of thoughts you are having and how they are impacting your life every second of your day! It’s not dissimilar to Buddhism, mindfulness.

When you want something, or more of something, you have to focus on what you’ve got and be truly appreciative, from the heart not the head of what you already have, however little, then trust, even though you do not have the evidence yet, that this is happening.

This is the faith, most can’t do it more than a day without losing heart and going back to the old, familiar stuff, ‘there isn’t enough, this is ridiculous, nothing’s going to change’. Well that’s true, if you don’t change, nothing will. In my Abundance Circle, this is what we find the most challenging.

Don’t be a victim, life is what you think, feel and do. Stop buying into that old out dated mind set and get into your true natural state, your birthright of abundance then you will be open to receive it. For a change be consistent, take actions in joy, have faith, lighten up and do not be attached to the outcome, just know it is happening.

I’ll tell you the worst that can happen is that you’ll feel better generally; because you will be focusing on things you want which is a nice feeling, if you allow it.

nlp-hypnotherapy-twickenham-middlesexAbout The Author 

Denise Bosque is a fully qualified NLP and Hypnotherapist (BSCH) practitioner located in Twickenham. She sees clients from Richmond, Kingston, Hounslow, West & Central London.

Denise uses a holistic and multi modal approach drawing on Hypnosis, NLP, Coaching, CBT, EFT, Metabolic Typing and Bio Feedback.

Find out more about Denise’s work by visiting her GoToSee profile page here

Or, visit her website www.coachinginspirit.com

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