The healing effects of hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy and healing

Hypnotherapy and trance work can greatly help people living with all sorts of illness and conditions. Research has suggested that it is of great benefit to those living with many serious conditions including:

  • Cancer
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis

During treatment clients can expect to experience less pain and emotional stress, a reduction in symptoms and a more optimistic and positive outlook.

Hypnotherapy/trance work for healing

I think anyone considering embarking on a course of hypnotherapy/trance work for healing will benefit greatly from gaining a basic understanding of the scientific rationale underlying the techniques. Understanding the scientific basis to the work can greatly increase the clients faith in the system and put its healing effects into some sort of comprehensible context.

As I have mentioned elsewhere on the site hypnotherapy and deep trance work are gaining an increasingly growing reputation for helping clients heal from physical injury and illness, as well as accounts of what can be termed as ‘miracle cures’.

Although the exact mechanism is not fully understood, neuroscience research in the past three decades is indicating that the healing effects of hypnosis are partly mediated via modulation of the autonomic nervous system.

The sympathetic branch of the autonomic nervous system kicks in under times of stress and danger and is responsible for making the heart beat faster, raising blood pressure, increasing sugar. The person will experience a knotted stomach, pounding heart and digestive discomfort. Prolonged arousal of the sympathetic nervous system can over time wear down the body and make it more susceptible to illness.

In contrast the parasympathetic nervous system creates calm, balance, homeostasis and healing. It slows down the heart rate, lowers blood pressure and directs blood to the digestive system. Healing illness could be viewed as an extension of the body’s natural homeostatic mechanism.

A further therapeutic mechanism available to hypnotherapy could lie in improving inter-hemispheric communication and balance between the left and right hemispheres of the brain.

To summarise – a person has a thought or a perception, from either the outside environment or the inner world, neurons fire in the cerebral cortex and images form in the anterior right brain, which then stimulates the limbic system then the hypothalamus and pituitary gland.

Depending on whether the perception is interpreted as positive or negative the parasympathetic (healing and calming) or sympathetic (arousing and stressing) will be activated and the activation maintained by adrenal hormones. This activation will cause changes in literally every cell of the body – Hypnotherapy helps by promoting strong parasympathetic reactions.

Psychoneuroimmunlogy (PNI)

The relatively new discipline of psychoneuroimmunlogy (PNI) has also shown the intricate relationship between the brain, thoughts and the immune system providing compelling evidence that thoughts in the mind strongly influence the immune system, causing it to increase or decrease activity.

The implication of these findings of enormous importance to those living with conditions such as HIV, rheumatoid arthritis and other diseases involving the immune system. The field of PNI is huge and interested readers are encouraged to research the subject further.

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