Hypnotherapy and Healing from Physical Trauma – A Case Study

Hypnotherapy for physical injury and illness

Hypnotherapy has an increasingly growing reputation for helping clients heal from physical injury and illness, as well as accounts of what can be termed as ‘miracle cures’.

Although the exact mechanism is not fully understood neuroscience research in the past three decades is indicating that the healing effects of hypnosis are meditated by the limbic hypothalamic system.

This system is thought to act as a transducer; that is it converts information from one form into another. In this case sensory information received is converted into emotional information which is then transduced, usually by the autonomic system into various types of other information such as hormonal or immunological.

The limbic hypothalamic system is therefore implicated as acting like some sort of bridge between mind and body- converting what happens in the mind into bodily effects- such as inflammation, cancer, psychosomatic sickness, and delayed healing and pain syndromes.

An example of a case study whereby hypnotherapy was used to facilitate healing can be seen below.

Hypnotherapy Case Study

Client X decided to engage with hypnotherapy following a lengthy stay in hospital after falling from a two storey building. His injuries were severe- he had smashed his left hip, suffered multiple fractures to the spine and had puntured his left lung.

He was suffering from depression and despite having been out of hospital for 6 months his movement was still severely limited and was unable to sleep due to excruciating pain through his injuries. His general self care was clearly very poor and was in high state of obvious self neglect.

Client X started using hypnotherapeutic methods as a means of improving his health and facilitating his recovery which has seemed to have plateaued after leaving hospital. As well as the work undertaken during his sessions, client X was taught self hypnosis techniques to do every night in bed before falling asleep.

Session by session the progress was remarkable. Each week brought with it a new improvement that was surprising to both client and therapist. Client X’s mobility vastly improved and was soon able to get around with ease.

He no longer had to rely on hospital patient transport and was able to travel long distances entirely independently. His sleep became much better and reported a favourable change in mood. Client X was also well enough to enrol on a course of study as part of a career change he was interested in pursuing.

This is an example of the sort of results that could be expected from work such as this. Once client X was able to enter a state of self hypnosis he was able to dramatically influence his physical healing via the effects of these exercises on his nervous system.

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