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weight managementGoals for weight management

Before embarking on any weight management program it’s important to understand the goals you hope to achieve. To ensure your goals are realistic, and will not harm your health in trying to achieve them, it’s advisable to employ the services of health care professionals.

Depending on your individual circumstances and needs, weight management can require specialist knowledge in:

What are your weight management goals?

The goals of weight management can be summarised as:

  • To prevent further weight gain
  • To reduce body weight
  • To maintain lower body weight

In the majority of cases, people are looking to lose weight but being underweight can be equally harmful to your health. Some people find they can’t lose sufficient weight to hit their long-term goal and so in the interim the goal could be to prevent further weight gain.

If your goal is to reduce weight then your therapist will set realistic goals over a reasonable timeline. As an example, an initial target could be to decrease body weight by ten per cent in a six month period. This is deemed to be a moderate amount of weight to lose which can help lower the severity of obesity-associated risks, set you up for further weight loss and be a realistic amount of weight loss that can be achieved and maintained in that period of time.

Maintaining weight

Weight loss requires commitment and dedication to the weight management program set-out by your therapist. However, the real challenge can be maintaining that lower body weight.

This ‘weight maintenance’ requires a combination of therapies so you can be observed, monitored and more importantly motivated and encouraged to help prevent you from slipping back into the habits that cause you to regain weight.

Behavioural therapy with a CBT practitioner, psychotherapist, NLP practitioner or hypnotherapist should be utilised to help you stay focused on your weight management goals.

For the physical aspects, nutritional therapy can ensure you eat a low-calorie, low fat diet while including all the essential nutrients your body requires and personal training will take care of the increased physical activity you need to stay at your target weight.

Weight management is a holistic process (meaning the whole body) so make sure you look after the physical and psychological when trying to achieve your ideal healthy weight.

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