Benefits of updating your website with offers

Online discounts and offers

It’s a fact, the number one place when searching for services, goods or information is online. More people are using the internet to research before they buy so it makes sense for any business to have a web presence.

By now you’ve hopefully got a website up and running (if not, read about why you should have a website) and you’ve spent time crafting good, relevant content for visitors to read.

However, you shouldn’t just let your website become static and that means constantly reviewing your copy and making sure you’re updating it with offers to attract new clients.

Why provide offers on your website

There’s little point having a great website that ticks all the boxes to only then fail when it comes to getting the visitor to respond or get in touch with you. It is vital that you include a way of getting the visitor to contact you and do it immediately. If they don’t, you are risking the chance they will go elsewhere.

Known as a ‘call to action’, you are requesting the visitor to call or email you and a great way to do this is to offer them something special if they do. Discounts or free sessions within a timescale, or as part of a seasonal offer, give your potential client a reason to act as soon as possible.

For example, you could provide offers such as:

  • “Get your partner a massage voucher for Valentine’s Day with 10% off”
  • “Summer Hypnotherapy Weight Loss Offer – 3 sessions with 10% off / 1st session Free”
  • “Summer Fit package / gift 20% off”
  • “Christmas Discount Voucher”
  • “First 20 responses to this advert receive 20% discount”

Remember also that people search for goods and services which are relevant to a particular time of year such as Christmas or New Year.

For example, someone could be looking to lose weight, get fit or quit smoking as part of a New Year resolution so by providing discounts and offers in January you can increase exposure for your business and hopefully bookings.

In these tough economic times, the public are always on the look-out for vouchers and discounts so make sure you’re keeping up to date with your offers and not falling behind the competition.

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