How to ensure you’re dealing with a reputable company

Are you being scammed?

We have reported in our health articles and news about a number of phone and email scams specifically targeting therapists.

While the majority of companies who offer marketing services within the complementary health sector are professional and reputable, there are some who set out to deliberately confuse or mislead people.

We’ve recently been receiving more reports that a company/companies have been calling our customers claiming to be ‘our partners’ or ‘working in conjunction with’.

Please be aware that GoToSee has no dealings with any other company

Whoever these companies may be, they are clearly trying to give the impression that they work with us. We have already reported one such company to Trading Standards however the problem is that these companies can quickly recreate themselves every few months before the authorities can catch up with them. And the problem isn’t unique to us. The same method is being adopted with other online directories such as Gumtree, Yell etc.

We do not work with ANY third parties so if anyone contacts you claiming they are working in conjunction with GoToSee it is not the case.

Our advice

To ensure you are not misled by false claims, we offer the following advice:

  1. Always conduct a search on the internet for the company name alongside the word ‘scam’ or ‘complaints’ to see if forums exist that contain complaints about that particular company.
  2. Subscribe to our Health Articles and Health News for articles, updates and tips about scams which are currently affecting therapists.
  3. Read our article Avoiding Phone/Email Scams.
  4. If you’re in any doubt about the validity of a call or email, call our office on 020 8446 2224 and speak with your account manager.

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