Losing confidence

Lost confidence

Why after some time in a person’s life of feeling very confident and full of self esteem, they can then lose everything, become withdrawn, even depressed. Did they meet their match, someone stronger than themselves, or did they decide not to be confident any more?

I would like to take you back to the time when there was peace loving tribes. They would wander the land for food, farm their own crops and share the work in the community. Instead of fighting, they adapted the land and tamed it. These tribes became the Settlers and discovered their destiny.

For others it became a great opportunity to simply take whatever they wanted. They would wait until a settlement was established and then simply move in and take over. These Warrior types took over many settlements and controlled large areas of land.

Others could not cope, it was all too much, they had no desire to work hard for the benefit of others. They retained their earliest forefathers instincts and become Nomads.

If we now fast forward to today we have all inherited the genes of those major tribes: Settlers, Warriors and Nomads. One set will usually be dominant, giving rise to a behaviour pattern that governs how we are.  By assessing the dominant character, therapy can be carried out accordingly.

Why we lose confidence

Let me give you an example – one day in school the teacher picks you out and asks a direct question of which you think you know the answer. This teacher is a dragon, she loves to belittle people and you are her subject today. She not only belittles you but she berates you. After the lesson in the playground the other kids make fun of you, two monkeys have now been laid onto your shoulders. You feel totally and utterly lost; your confidence has been shattered.

Now let’s take a look at when you started work, you are taught what do and expect to pick up other bits of your trade. The boss thinks you have learnt everything that you need to, he does not know you have not, the staff have not done their job properly.

Someone decides to have a presentation and you get picked out of the hat with someone else to perform. As you are doing your presentation the boss appears and comes over to you. If the floor could upon up you would disappear. The biggest monkey you can imagine has landed on to your shoulders, you are giving up your job, you take a week off, you give in your notice. What are you going to do. Can you stand up and give a presentation now.

You can release these monkeys – your unconscious mind controls your body and it takes on everything. By using Analytical Hypnosis to release the negative emotions you can then use Hypnosis to rebuild your confidence and self esteem. Then build up using SymbioDynamics to bring out the Warrior, keep the Guardian who takes care, and the magician who likes to have fun.

By offering suggestions for your own good you will release all those monkeys that have become so heavy for you. Learn to take responsibility, be confident to ask. If you don’t ask, you will never know.

About The Author

Michael Aronberg is a fully qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist Master, NLP Practioner and CBT Therapist based in Chelmsford, Essex. He typically sees clients from the Essex and London areas.

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