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Zero balancing

Zero Balancing has been described as massage with your clothes on, therapy without the talk, and meditation without the mantra, it goes to right to the heart of healing by bringing your energy and your structure (your physical body) into balance.

It has been around for over 20 years and is, according to its founder, US physician and osteopath, Dr Fritz Smith, the first healing technique to work on the mind and body by integrating the Eastern concept of energy flow with a Western understanding of body structure. It is gentle and powerful.

The name Zero Balancing doesn’t tell you the first thing about this therapy. It was coined when a client jumped off the couch after a session and said: “I feel fantastic, I feel I have been taken back to zero.”

What happens during a zero balancing session?

During a session you first receive an assessment of the current state of your energy field and your skeletal flexibility. For this, you sit on the edge of the couch and allow your pelvis to be rocked from side-to-side and your arms to be rotated in their sockets. You then lie down and do nothing for the next 40 minutes.

The Zero Balancing practitioner has been trained to recognize energy pathways, so your session will always follow the same pattern. The therapist uses the pressure of their fingertips to bring your energy and structure into a balanced relationship.

Who can benefit from Zero balancing?

Zero balancing can help those who suffer from muscular-skeletal and joint problems but there is also a spiritual quality that can make your session more like a meditation. It can also give a sense of clarity so can help with life’s problems and difficulties as well

Most Zero Balancers have a bodywork background such as massage or osteopathy and you will feel you are being worked on by someone who knows their way around the body and who knows exactly what they are doing. However you were when got on the couch, you can expect to feel relaxed, lighter, stretched and calmer.

Unless you are dealing with a specific problem then I would recommend a session once every three to four weeks to help you stay grounded and balanced.

zero balancing massage dartmouth south devonAbout The Author

Kay Scott is a Zero balancing massage, Reiki and Kinesiology practitioner based in Dartmouth who attracts clients from all over South Devon and the surrounding areas such as Exeter, Plymouth, Torquay, Totnes, Newton Abbot & Ashburton.

Kay’s practice ‘In Touch’ offers Creative Kinesiology and foundation Kinesiology training, Indian and Tibetan Head Massage, Reiki Treatments and Training and Zero Balancing.

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