Could poor posture be causing your heartburn?

Poor posture and heartburn

The neck and upper back may be causing your heartburn. If you find yourself gulping down bottles of antacids and munching on indigestion pills you may be missing out on another method of relief. How you sit and move you neck and upper back can lead to symptoms the look and feel like stomach complaints.

Heartburn or GERD (gastroeosophageal reflux disorder) is a relatively common condition that is a reaction to too much acid being produced by the stomach. The excess acid is thought to irritate the lower gullet as stomach fluids regurgitate through a weakened muscular valve that normally stops it.

For those who suffer from this condition it can range from mild indigestion after certain food such as pastry or spice, up to intense crippling pain that can mimic a heart attack with chest neck and shoulder pain. These symptoms need to be assessed by your GP and specialist to ensure that no serious disease is present. If there is no obvious cause, seeing a chiropractor for a second opinion may be good a option.

How can a chiropractor help?

The neck and upper spine have nerves that coordinate the function of the stomach. One in particular, called the vagus nerve, is responsible for sensations from the ear, nose, throat, chest and abdomen. It also helps regulates blood pressure and heart rate. The posture of the neck can stress these nerves and other structures and cause symptoms in the internal organs.

To relieve symptoms of heartburn, correcting your sitting posture and improving your spinal mobility may be the solution. Chiropractors use spinal adjustments to improve mobility, correct posture and relieve neural irritation.

Although we don’t know exactly what the mechanism is, if a client has a neck problem and heartburn, I can be pretty confident the benign heartburn symptoms will resolve as we look after the neck.

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