Kids and Ayurveda

Kids & Ayurveda

Ayurvedic medicine is a Traditional Medicine Holistic system that can be equated to Psychosomatic Medicine in modern terms. Ayurvedic medicine puts huge emphasis on prevention of diseases, even right from the beginning of life. That’s why Ayurvedic principles are applied to babies from the time they are born.

In Ayurveda stages from babies to 1year is called Balavastha and from 1-16years is called Kaumar Avastha. One branch out of eight branches of Ayurveda is called Bala Tantra or Kaumarbhritya, which explains everything about babies from the time of their conception till 16years of age. Kaumarbhritya also explains how to look after the health of the children till they are 16 years old. It’s a stage of life where Kapha dosha is the prominent dosha.

It’s important to find out doshas of babies or younger children in order to keep their health optimal from a young age according to their body constitution. Ayurvedic Diet will play an important part in keeping their health in its best condition.

Ayurvedic herbs for children

Most of the Ayurvedic herbs are gentle and can be used in babies from day one. I have used and will keep using Ayurvedic or Western herbs for my twins since they were born. They are 2yrs 5months now and they love the taste of many herbs. They chew on Aloe vera’s leaf as if it’s a toffee.

I apply Neem oil on their teeth and they don’t seem to mind its bitter taste either! Some other herbs I have used as recommended in the traditional text for common baby issues are:

Infant colic – Fennel seeds / Ajwain seeds / Cardamom pods – The best way to give these to babies is to boil these seeds separately or combined in water for about 2-4min. Cool this water, sieve it and make baby’s formula with this water. My twins hardly had any colic as babies.

Winter season – Cinnamon / Licorice – You can use these herbs similarly as mentioned above to give to very young babies.

Minor cuts and bruises / Eczema – Aloe vera – gel of this plant can be applied to any minor skin irritation. Aloe vera is also good for digestion when eaten.

Keep the quantities of all herbs very very low when giving for the first time e.g. 10seeds of Fennel / Ajwain and 1 pod of cardamom.

Always consult your Ayurvedic Practitioner for your queries regarding Ayurvedic medicines or therapies.

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