Hand reflexology

Hands have it all…

Has anyone heard of Hand Reflexology? If not, I want to tell you about it because it is MAGIC and the finest Natural Health tool I have and will ever own. You too can use it so READ ON!!!!!

I teach Hand Reflexology all over the place through introductory courses and work shops. I love this aspect of my work and I’m devoted to it more than anything else I ever do.

Hand reflexology works because…

1. It’s with me all the time (unless I meet with a fatal accident of course, which I shall always do my best to avoid because I use my hands so much, possibly more that anyone I have ever met).

2. It sends me to sleep, if and when I have a problem sleeping ,especially if lack of sleep is through pain.

3. It is a magnificent pain killer, for any part of my body, including my digestive system.

4. It is FREE. Now that I know how to do it.

5. The more I practice the better it works (rituals, technique and intention).

6. If I use other tools such as vitamins, mineral or drugs, it works, to help make them work better for me (synergistically).

7. I can do it anywhere, unless my hands are already occupied or if I am concentrating deeply on something or someone else.

8. I can clear away mouth ulcers FAST by using it (and so can some of my clients, they say).

9. No-one needs to know I’m doing it.

10. It has virtually no contra indications unless my hands or skin on them, show severe pain, and no side effects.

Where can you perform Hand Reflexology?

So, usually, I can do it to myself, if I am:

  • Waiting in a queue, (or if safe to do so,) in a car.
  • Walking around.
  • Watching TV, resting, or reading a book.
  • When I had a mouth abscess, I did it while I was eating to ease the pain of the food on my gums.
  • I often do it unconsciously (and I actually see others doing it to themselves, who probably don’t know what it is that they are doing!).
  • If I teach it to my clients it assists in between treatments.
  • Use it to clear healing reactions quickly, and for clients to do this themselves after treatments should they occur.
  • Deliver it to places where all other treatments cannot go or are unavailable/ too costly.
  • I can never forget to take it with me (however I can forget that I have it and how powerful it is. Most Reflexologists I meet do this).

All it takes is a little gentle massage and manipulation of fingers and hands. So why is it that everyone isn’t taught about this magnificent treatment at school? I don’t know but that’s why I wrote this!

Case Study: Quick pain relief for everyone (especially youngsters)

I was out in Ireland with my husband on holiday, in a pub, waiting to order dinner, and a young man of about 9 years old was sitting at a table, also waiting for dinner, but obviously suffering with a head ache. His Mum was desperately searching in her hand bag for Aspirin but failed to find any.

So I offered my services as a Reflexologist and, with the boy and his Mum agreeing, I showed him how to self treat. Within a moment the pain was gone he was amused at what he could do all by his self, with just my instructions. I never even touched him and all the family were surprised, as people always are, when Reflexology works so quickly and safely with absolutely no bad effects whatsoever.

This is the power of the treatment. This is the treatment we need to show to people and to teach to children so that they never need to suffer pain.

About The Author

Jill Peer is a qualified Reflexologist, Kinesiology Allergy Therapist and Indian Head Masseuse based in Ledbury, Herefordshire.

Jilll teaches her therapies as a self-help tool and runs practical classes to suit the individuals who attend.

Find out more about Jill’s work and classes by visiting her GoToSee profile page here

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