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Theta healing helping Addiction

Looking at the world, we see so much hurt and pain, but also so much love and forgiveness and I wanted to find a way to heal that hurt and pain in order to bring people closer to the love and forgiveness.

Since finding Theta healing I’ve been asking about and looking at the ways that will really allow people to make the changes in their lives that they desire.

There are many types of addiction around, from the accepted addictions such as tobacco or food to the least accepted addictions such as hard drugs or alcohol. With my knowledge of Theta healing I know that emotional and/or physical addictions can be healed.

Personally I have been very close to addiction. At one time in my life where I was at an emotional and physical low, I remember reaching for the brandy bottle at 10 o’clock in the morning!

Luckily for me, my two children needed breakfast preparing and with them in mind and a strong family focus, they gave me the strength to get through the weeks and months without submitting to this addiction, although alcohol abuse did provide me with an escape from the pain in my life for many years to come.

Cannabis addiction

A cousin of mine, who is very dear to me, developed an emotional addiction to cannabis after becoming seriously ill and I asked for his story as I thought that it might be similar to others. In his own words, cannabis gave him a way of coping, of being able to live without thinking, being able to forget.

On top of this, he had spent a childhood with an extremely difficult step-father that also left scars; things that I believe are some of the most common root causes of people ending up addicted in one form or another. Cannabis took over his life totally – he stopped going out, became very lazy and, as a longer term affect, he suffered loss of short term memory.

As part of the LP Partnership, I have worked in the prison service working with prisoners who have had severe addiction to both drugs and alcohol. This was a very rewarding role that helped me understand that there are many beliefs and traumas that can push people into the arms of addiction.

As you can imagine, from my own personal experiences, addiction is very close to my heart and, with the knowledge and learning that I have attained through Theta healing, I believe that I have found the ideal vehicle to help people with the first steps to recovery from addiction.

Helping those with addiction problems

Through the enhanced ability that Theta healing’s Intuitive Anatomy has given me, I believe that I have found a way to bring healing to those who have succumbed to addiction, a way to help people find the permanent changes they need, without having to relive their past pain, shock and trauma to get there.

I have found a way to provide the necessary stepping stones to a new life without addiction, a way to heal from past hurts, to be able to create new feelings and beliefs to create the life you wish for. Indeed, Theta healing provides you with a new tool box to move forwards and make the changes you wish to make a better life.

Yes, Theta healing really can provide the initial steps for you to live life freely without addiction.

Hypnotherapy & Reiki AldershotAbout The Author

Lorraine Knight is a fully qualified Advanced Theta Practitioner, Hypnotherapist and Reiki Healer located in Aldershot, Hampshire. She typically sees her clients from the surrounding areas of Flexford, Ash Vale and Farnborough.

To find out how Theta healing can help you with addiction and all aspects of your life, please call Lorraine on 07737 548 132 or visit her GoToSee profile page here for further contact information.


You can visit her website at for more details

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