Yoga treating stress, anxiety and migraines

Yoga for mental health

I started to suffer with migraines from the age of about 12. I get the classic kind with Aura, my speech would go, tingling down my arms, severe nausea, disorientated, confused, and very frightened. My teacher would sit me in a room and my mother would then come and wouldn’t really know how to deal with it.

The migraines vanished for a few years. Then in 1995 I married my husband, a Military Policeman, and we went to live in Germany. I was now 25. After being in Germany for 3 months, my Husband went to serve in Bosnia. I didn’t settle and felt alone.

The migraines returned and I was having up to two a day. This I put down to being very tense and very anxious. I had to see the Army GP and go on tablets as the headaches worsened. They had got that bad that I was having them in my dreams! I would wake from “painful migraine nightmares”!

Then one day I took a trip out to the shops and came across a Yoga video. I had also been having bad backache. In went the video. I didn’t know what to expect but began to follow the instructions.

Yoga postures

One of the postures ‘Paschimotasana’ which involved taking the head to the knees and closing down the body, gave me a really funny sensation. My back clicked to my amazement I sat up slowly and felt a great release. I repeated the posture, working slowly and from that moment my life changed.

Yoga can help to ground us, to balance from within. The postures work on body muscle, tissues, nerves and organs, massaging and reviving, squeezing out toxins, and bringing us to our very core, the essence of our being.

I found that regular practice would help me to calm my mind and body, almost like an elixir, ridding me of mind chatter, anxiety and stress. The following postures I found very beneficial:


This posture is very opening, and calming. When the head is lower than the heart, the heart receives a good massage. The back of the neck and spine are elongated, opened and gently stretched. This is very relaxing and can help with migraine headaches, tension.

Dog posture yoga Adho Mukha Svanasana – Dog posture

The body receives an all over work out with this posture, opening, stretching, lengthening and again, calming the mind, opening the back and neck and releasing tension.

Bridge Posture yoga Bridge Posture

Works on the spine, hips, groin area, lengthening and opening, especially for the neck and head area, the chin is brought gently into the notch in the neck, opening up the back of the head and neck area, massaging and opening, relieving tension, and excellent for migraine headaches.

Child's Pose yoga Child’s Pose

An important counter pose, taking the body in the opposite direction to the above posture. Thus helping the body to relax in between posture work.

Corpse Pose yoga Corpse pose

One of the “harder” postures to do, because it requires the body and mind to be completed rested and “still”.


Your body will remember how it feels when you practice and you can come back and use this tool, day in and day out to bring you into balance and to help your overall health and well-being.

I am now a qualified Yoga Teacher, helping others to not only lose weight and feel better about themselves but to learn how, through the use of posture work, we can bring balance to our mind, body and spirit. Balancing our energy centres, and bringing stability to our inner core.

With Love,

Tammy Lorraine Majchrzak

Yoga Leeds West YorkshireAbout The Author

Tammy Majchrzak is a fully qualified Yoga Teacher and Reiki practitioner located in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

Tammy typically sees clients from Leeds and the surrounding areas of Burley, Headingley and Gledhow.

Find out more about Tammy’s work by visiting her GoToSee profile page here

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