An introduction to Yoga


Yoga is a wonderful tool used to balance not only our body, but mind, and Spirit. Yoga helps us to relax, unwind and brings about unity to our whole being.

Many people think that Yoga is all about lying down and chanting that really isn’t true, although that can be a part of Yoga. The postures and movements, breathing exercises and meditations help us to find and unite with our inner core, our soul.

The benefits of yoga

Yoga can be used to help and ease many diseases and disharmonies within the body. It is especially beneficial for easing tension, worry and mental anguish. Allowing the body to bend, stretch, lengthen, twist and turn in various postures creates movement in the body which helps us to balance from within.

The quiet times of meditation allow us to find tranquillity and harmony, freeing the mind of the endless chit-chat that so many of us have nowadays.

Use Yoga any time of day

Yoga is a tool that can be used any time of the day to bring you to a place within where your body can take an all important break from stress, the plague of modern society. There are many different types of Yoga to choose from. Postures are not difficult to learn.

We are all at different levels of flexibility and the beauty of Yoga is that you grow and learn a great deal about yourself. The stretching, twisting, lengthening and bending releases muscle tension, elongating vertebrae in the spine, giving the body energy.

Book a Yoga class

So if you are new to Yoga and not sure if it’s for you, I would advise that you visit a class and just give it a try. For me the first time I tried it I couldn’t believe I had done without it for so long.

It’s a tool that is free, it’s part of you, it becomes your everyday life and it’s an overall boost for the body, mind and spirit. So give it a go. It really is remarkable.

Yoga Leeds West YorkshireAbout The Author

Tammy Majchrzak is a fully qualified Yoga Teacher and Reiki practitioner located in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

Tammy typically sees clients from Leeds and the surrounding areas of Burley, Headingley and Gledhow.

Find out more about Tammy’s work by visiting her GoToSee profile page here

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