How Hypnosis and EFT can help treat depression

Treating depression

Depression can occur at any time in one’s life triggered by trauma and stress, early life experiences and many other possible causes. All of us will experience ups and downs in our lives but when we cannot pull ourselves out of the “down” episodes then there is the danger of depression setting in. Symptoms can include tiredness and lack of energy, loss of interest in everyday activities, feelings of worthlessness and lack of confidence.

There are in fact different spectrums of depression of which Dr Amen includes as Pure Depression, Overfocused Anxiety and Depression and Temporal Lobe Anxiety and Depression.

Each type of depression has certain particular traits but in every case according to Dr Amen’s research there is either too much or too little activity in different parts of the brain which contribute to the feelings of being stuck in a loop of negative thinking. His brain spectrum analysis clearly show which parts of the brain are being affected with different symptoms.

The major challenge with depression is getting out of the loop that keeps one continually in the same mental place with the mind constantly thinking and replaying the same old thoughts and feelings. To quell this constant revisiting in the mind of past disappointments and uncomfortable events is probably the hardest thing to do. Each mental revisit of an old negative thinking pattern only makes those connections stronger. The thought gets stuck in a never ending circuit in the brain.

The challenge is how to free up the thought processes and relieve the constant ruminating over previous disappointments and losses? We know that telling ourselves in the thinking part of our brain to stop this does not work.

We also know that trying to think of something else seems to be an impossible task as our thoughts immediately slip back into the old and familiar routine that got us there in the first place. So what can one do to change this destructive pattern?

Hypnotherapy and EFT for depression

The primary objective is to let go of the old feelings from previous events in our lives that may have contributed to where we are now. With the help of a qualified practitioner this is perfectly feasible and though every case is different Hypnosis and EFT can be most effective tools to help release old trauma and negative emotions.

This can even be done with no verbal reference to the underlying events if the client so wishes. The past is exactly where the client is stuck so it is usually wise in my opinion to work on the underlying past experiences only as much as is truly necessary to allow the client to release them fully and comfortably and then move on.

Relaxation techniques and visualisations will help to calm the anxiety and connect with the parasympathetic nervous system i.e. the part of us that triggers the relaxation response. Simple visualisations such as those used in HeartMath® will also begin to entrain the connections between heart and brain in a calm and focused manner. Coupled with breathing exercises the mind and body can begin to respond and connect in a far more healthy manner.

Often clients come to a session understandably focused on just releasing the discomfort that they are experiencing but for the result to be truly successful replacing old negative thought patterns with new empowering and positive feelings is most important.

Hypnosis helps to “download” the new positive thinking patterns by activating the relaxed and creative brainwave patterns that can help by-pass that critical thinking part of the mind. Beginning to feel and believe one is a worthwhile and valued person is a wonderful gift that these techniques can help install and strengthen.

Impressive results using modern therapeutic techniques can often be achieved in a minimal time span and although some people will naturally get better over a period of time without help these techniques can help improve quality of life and help guard against relapses in the future.

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