Thought Field Therapy (TFT) for anxiety

What is TFT?

Thought Field Therapy (TFT as it is commonly known) was discovered in 1980 by Dr Roger Callahan PhD, a prominent American Clinical Psychologist. Dr. Callahan was frustrated with conventional therapy techniques which he found to be ineffective.

Dr. Callahan suggests that whenever we think about something that upsets us we “tune into” a “Thought Field” rather like a radio receiver tuning into a station. This thought field contains what Dr Callahan calls “perturbations” which are the coded information which generates a negative emotion. That is why we get the exact same emotional response each time we think of an upsetting experience.

When we tap on the correct treatment points using a specific sequence, these perturbations are deactivated which in turn extinguishes the negative emotional response. The person can now think about the upsetting event, but without any negative emotion. We still have a memory of the event, but the tapping will have eliminated the negative emotion that was linked to it.

TFT for anxiety

TFT plays a prominent role in the treatment of anxiety with my clients and it never ceases to amaze me how powerful and effective it is. I have also used it very successfully for the following issues:

– Fears
Weight issues
– Smoking cessation
– Pain management
– Overcoming specific traumas
– Stress management
– Future anxiety

I have to say that although TFT is a very simple technique and I do show my clients how to help themselves, it is a non-intrusive, gentle and powerful strategy for change.

The excellent thing about TFT is that it can do no harm whatsoever, the worst thing that can happen, is that nothing changes. However, that is very rare!

TFT Haverhill SuffolkAbout The Author

Peter Doherty is qualified TFT, NLP and Hypnotherapy practitioner located in Haverhill, Suffolk. He typically draws his clients from the surrounding areas of Newmarket, Kedington, Colchester, Braintree, Cambridge and Sudbury.

To find out more about Peter’s work, visit his GoToSee profile page here

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