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A new way of thinking and believing

What I am about to say may seem unorthodox in relation to Anxiety and Stress, particularly when you are feeling at a low ebb. However, I would ask you to stay with me on this one and consider the potential benefits to you, with this form of thinking. Often times when people get “stuck” or do not get the sort of result or outcome that they desire, they almost always go to the “default” setting, that is to blame others, circumstances and a whole range of reasons for their current situation.

I would ask you to consider a new way of thinking in those times, and that is to choose, “Acceptance”. What I mean by thinking this way is to take some time out and accept the situation for what it is. Now, for those of us who live in the “real world” I know that sometimes life deals us some very unpleasant hands. It may be anything from the loss of a loved one or prized possession, to feeling anxious for no apparent reason, not getting that job you wanted or falling out with a friend or partner.

When you think about the things that happen in our life they just happen, without planning or preparation, sometimes without desire or they just creep up on us like weight gain. It is in those times we have two choices we can make:

– Accept the situation for what it is, or;
– Blame others or circumstances for what has happened

If we choose “Blame” we will stay in a very unhealthy and unproductive place. Now I know that some things are caused by other people and sometimes they are at fault or negligent towards us. I am not advocating anything other than moving out of this frame of thinking to “free” you from being at the mercy of a very negative cycle. If you choose to “Blame”, then in the long term, the only person who suffers is you.

If we choose “Acceptance” we can evaluate the consequences of what has happened and learn from the experience, keep any positive learning from it and let go of what does not serve us. When we do this we can then start to move forward in our life in a more empowered way. When you choose Acceptance I am not suggesting that you do some form of forgiveness, unless of course that is in your belief system and I respect that. I am saying take an objective review of “what is” and make your plan to move forward.

We have the power of choice in these situations and I am fully aware that the Acceptance stance may take some resilience on your part. However, I also know that this frame of thinking will free you to make better choices.

The Stress Buster Routine

I suggest that you use routine this at least three times a day and particularly first thing in the morning. This will set you up for the day. You could also use this routine whenever you notice the first sign of stress building up in your body.

Step 1
Find a quiet place where you can sit down comfortably without being disturbed.

Place your left foot over your right foot and allow your hands to rest gently in your lap.

Now, take a deep breath in through your nose and hold the breath for a count of 5 seconds.

Breathe out slowly through the mouth and as you do so, mentally say the word “Relax”. As you are breathing out just allow the muscles to become more relaxed with each breath out.

Continue this breathing cycle for 2 minutes.

Step 2
Focus on your current level of stress. As you focus on the current level, rate it on a 1 to 10 scale.

1 = No feelings of stress at all
10 = Extremely strong)

Step 3
Now find the P.R. spot (See image below) which is halfway between the base of your little finger and the wrist joint.

Tap here about 25 times while saying out loud or even in your head:

“I completely accept myself for who I am, even with all of my faults, problems and limitations.”

This is essentially about having self acceptance about our human shortcomings.

Step 4
Now carry out the following tapping sequences (see image below to see where to tap). Tap each point 5 to 10 times.

– Under the eye (e)
– Under the arm (a)
– Collarbone (c)

Step 5
Now do the 9 gamut procedure (9g). The gamut spot is located on the back of your hand 2cm back from the knuckles of the ring and little fingers.

Keep your head still, and only move your eyes when appropriate.

Tap the gamut spot rapidly and continuously while you do the following procedure:

1 – Eyes Closed
2 – Open Eyes
3 – Look down and to right
4 – Look down and to left
5 – Roll eyes in a big circle one way
6 – Roll eyes in a big circle the other way
7 – Hum a few notes of a tune
8 – Count from 1 to 5
9 – Hum a few notes of a tune

Step 6
Now carry out the following tapping sequences. Tap each point 5 to 10 times.

– Under the eye (e)
– Under the arm (a)
– Collarbone (c)

Step 7
Rate your level of stress. If it is down to a 2 or 1, you are back on track. If there is no change or the problem has not gone entirely then tap under your nose a few times, then tap the P.R. spot 10-15 times while saying your affirmation. Then repeat the whole procedure again starting at Step 4. You may have to repeat the whole sequence a few times.

Step 8
Finish with Floor to Ceiling Eye Roll (er). Keep your head still and looking forward when doing this procedure, only your eyes move!

Tap gamut spot quickly while you look down at floor (eyes only).

Now, taking 10 seconds to do so, slowly raise your eyes while you keep tapping.

TFT Haverhill SuffolkAbout The Author

Peter Doherty is qualified Hypnotherapist, NLP and TFT practitioner located in Haverhill, Suffolk. He typically draws his clients from the surrounding areas of Newmarket, Kedington, Colchester, Braintree, Cambridge and Sudbury.

To find out more about Peter’s work, visit his GoToSee profile page here

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