How chiropractic can help slow the ageing process

Slow ageing with chiropractic

There are hundreds of potions and lotions on the market claiming to reverse our natural ageing process on the outside, but have you considered what lies within? While you literally try to save your skin, the body underneath is still racking up the years and there may be trouble ahead. Seeing a chiropractor could improve that situation.

The ageing process explained

Our body constantly has to replace itself. The 75 trillion cells that make us into human beings are replaced either every few days (as with the bowel), or every few months (as with red blood cells). As the old cells die, a photocopy of that cell replaces it. But there’s a problem. The body can’t quite match the quality of the DNA in the old cell and we’re left with an inferior copy. This is the ageing process.

One theory of ageing is that an accumulation of inferior cells leads to deterioration in the function of our body and soon symptoms, such as joint pain, begin to appear. How quickly we age depends upon each individual and factors such as exposure to toxins and infections can also decrease our lifespan. Human beings have an average life expectancy of 85 years but by delaying the process of ageing we can, and do, live longer than that. But it’s not just about life expectancy. We want to enjoy our later years too.

Progresses in anti-ageing science mean the early detection, prevention and treatment of age-related disorders and disease can improve our quality of life as we get older and help us to have healthy and fulfilling lives into and beyond our average expectancy. And chiropractic therapy is one practise that can help you do that.

How does chiropractic work?

Chiropractic corrects alignment of our spine and joints. This alignment is essential in maintaining a healthy nervous system (the system by which, among other things, helps fight disease). Taking care of our nervous system can potentially boost certain chemicals in our body that are important in the cell DNA reproduction process – the same process by which we age.

Many of the causes of disability in later life include: degenerative disorders of our nervous system (such as dementia), disease of the musculo-skeletal system (such as arthritis) and loss of hearing and vision. In fact, chiropractic as we know it today was born from a correction of a displaced bone in the spine that was causing deafness in a man.

Chiropractic therapy has proven an answer to all of these problems if detected early and if the correct therapy is undertaken by a fully qualified and registered chiropractor. It can also restore and maintain muscle, joint and nerve tissue which is important in staying fit and flexible. A chiropractor can also advise you on diet and any supplements that aid healthy nutrition.

Visit a chiropractor to slow the ageing process

Chiropractic has been at the forefront of anti-ageing medicine and an astute chiropractor can begin to reverse the conditions that accelerate the ageing process. Waiting for the pain to start is a sign that damage has already taken place. Take control of your health now and you’ll have a better chance of feeling better for longer.

If you haven’t had your spine and nervous system checked for correct alignment, now could be the perfect moment to see a chiropractor. Time spent discovering and treating any issues today could pay dividends tomorrow and in the years to come.

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