Healthy Recipes: Banana Seed Cake

Good for you cakes – Banana & Seed

2-4oz of Goats Butter (can add yoghurt to 2oz butter)
4oz Wholegrain organic spelt flour
4oz of Kamut flour
3 organic free range eggs
2-3 x desert spoons of Black strap Molasses
One and a half squishy bananas
1 cup of fresh sunflower seeds
1 handful of pumpkin seeds
Large pinch of baking powder

Prepare a baking tin (6” width by 4” depth or 8” width by 2.5” depth) grease with butte
Pre-heat oven to 150 degrees for fan oven, 160 degrees for non fan oven (the wider the baking tin the less cooking time is needed)
Place softened butter in a mixing bowl and mix with Molasses, then mix in all 3 eggs thoroughly.
Add flour and mix in. Add the sunflower seeds, squished up banana, and baking powder.
Place in baking tin and smooth out to be level.
Place the pumpkin seeds on top.
Place between mid and top shelf in oven.
Set timer for 25 -30 minutes if in flatter tin and 35 -40 minutes if in deeper tin. Check if cooked with skewer
after shorter time.

Nutritional Benefits

Goats butter is easier to digest and may be tolerated better than cow’s butter.
Spelt flour is an ancient grain and is less likely to cause gut irritation and bloating.
Kamut flour has a high content of complete protein.
Molasses sugar contains all vital minerals, especially high in iron, calcium and magnesium.
Bananas protect gut lining, contain potassium to balance sodium, good for BP. Contain Vitamin B6 & Vitamin C. They are a good source of food for your gut flora to thrive.
Pumpkin seeds contain essential fatty acids, which are vital for all cell membranes, protein and zinc amongst other important nutrients.
Organic eggs are high quality protein and good source of Omega3 fats.
This cake is high in protein, contains fats and has slow release carbs.

About The Author

This recipe has been provided by Sam Bourne, a qualified Nutritionist, registered with BANT (British Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy) who draws clients from the Central London area.

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