Treating OCD with hypnotherapy and EFT

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Have you ever left the house and wondered if you locked the door before you left? When you were young perhaps you played a game whereby you “weren’t allowed” to step on a crack in the pavement?

These experiences and many like them are familiar to most of us but probably at least 2% of the population have experiences such as these (and far more bizarre ones) that are crippling their lives on a daily basis.

What is OCD?

OCD or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder can cover a spectrum of problems that leave one literally stuck in a cycle of thoughts or behaviours that become a loop that seems impossible to get out of.

The most common form of OCD will usually manifest in obsessive thoughts or rituals and/or physical rituals designed to alleviate a high level of anxiety. These thoughts or actions start to cycle between three areas of the brain, the orbital frontal cortex, the cingulate gyrus, and the caudate nucleus and it is these areas that become permanently stuck on high alert.

Obsessions can include intrusive thoughts of death, fear of contamination, intrusive sexual, religious or violent thoughts and hoarding to name a few. Examples of compulsions can include cleaning, counting, washing and repeating acts or thoughts in a certain way.

Obsessions and compulsions may be operating together or separately and the sufferer is quite likely to know on a cognitive level that their thoughts and compulsions are not real but emotionally will be unable to let go of them.

OCD treatment

Modern brain science using a PET scan can now show us the changes in brain patterns when someone is experiencing OCD thoughts and behaviours. Medical care will often prescribe drugs such as SSRI’s to help the mind extricate itself from this “hard-wiring” of the brain.

Drugs can be a valuable shorter term solution and help alleviate the worst of the symptoms but until the patient can find tools and techniques that will help extricate them from their destructive thought patterns medication may remain just a temporary cure.

Hypnotherapy and EFT for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

For the client, being able to work in a non pressurised way is extremely important to help enable changes to occur that will alter these negative brain patterns. Specialist hypnotherapy and EFT can be extremely powerful in helping calm the body and the overworked brain circuits, opening up the opportunity to release any associated trauma and unlock stuck thinking patterns.

Many sufferers may feel that OCD is something that they will never recover from but the latest scientific knowledge about how the brain operates coupled with therapies that work with each individual in an understanding and dynamic way offer the possibility of empowering change in an area that is often short of much needed help.

Hypnotherapy, EFT & NLP GlasgowAbout The Author

Roger Foxwell is a fully qualified practitioner of Clinical Hypnotherapy with diplomas in NLP and Meridian therapy TFT.

Roger is located in the Charing Cross area of Glasgow and typically draws clients from the city and surrounding areas but also attract clients from as far afield as the Isle of Skye, Manchester and London.

Find out more about Roger’s work by visiting his GoToSee profile page here

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