Secrets to permanent weight loss …transform your life in 2010!

Lose weight without dieting

The first secret to weight loss is that successful weight loss isn’t about going on a diet!

How would it feel if you could make a new year’s resolution to not go on a diet this year and still:

· Lose weight and keep it off forever?

· Lose weight by eating foods that you enjoy?

· Never be hungry?

· Never deny certain foods?

· Always feel full?

· Eat what your body craves?

· Eat foods where there’s not a low-cal, low-fat, low-sugar option in sight?

If you’re tired of dieting then you’ll be glad to hear there’s a way to lose weight that’s effortless and enjoyable, a way that means you lose it, and keep it off without really trying too hard at all.

So if you’re…

…fed up with yo-yo dieting
think real, sustainable weight loss

…tired of denying yourself foods
then focus on foods you can add in

…tempted by cravings
think tips to beat temptation

…you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired
think foods that will double your energy levels and strengthen your immunity

…slow and sluggish
think ingredients to kick-start metabolism

Tips for successful weight loss

Whether you’re looking to lose significant weight or those last minute stubborn pounds, it’s really important to set yourself up for success. Focus is key to any successful health objective and if you can enlist the support of family and friends, you’re putting yourself on the right track for a great start.

1). Take your measurements and get yourself a food diary so that you can monitor how you’re doing from the starting point, through your milestones and successes through to achievement of the end goal!

2). Another simple tip is to do an audit of your kitchen. Be strong and throw out foods that you know that you’ll be tempted by, but will sabotage your plans. You know what they are …that packet of biscuits in the cupboard, the ice cream in the freezer…

3). Understanding your relationship with food can be a challenge, and it’s amazing how the mind plays tricks on us by giving us excuses to eat foods that will put on extra pounds …so be vigilant at all times! You’re also in the best position to know your own weak spots, so write them down in your food diary and figure out ways to plan around them. It might be not to go shopping on an empty stomach, or spend more time planning what you’ll eat that week so you have more control over taking the healthful option.

4). Balancing blood sugar levels is super key to weight loss, and energy levels, so make sure you include whole grains, vegetables and a good quality protein in every meal. Eating a good breakfast really helps; it’ll set you up for the day, and you’ll be even more likely to stay on track.

5). Eating low calorie density foods makes a huge difference too …feel fuller on foods that make you feel good, not fat! …but don’t forget that not all fat makes you fat either. Focus on the inclusion of ‘good fats’ aka the omega oils – you don’t need a lot, just a tablespoon of flax seeds on cereal in the morning will do …but don’t forget to exclude saturated and trans fats, they truly are the bad guys.

6). We all have food cravings, and it’s likely that they’ll always sneak up on us on some occasion. The trick is to understand what they’re telling us…and then nail them. It can take a little bit of time, but how good does it feel to manage them, and not the other way around!

7). Get that heart pumping too…try to choose an activity you love, that way it’s pleasurable and less likely to be a chore. Integrating as little as twenty minutes of exercise into your day can make a huge difference, and in the great scheme of things what’s a few minutes out of every day?

8). Don’t forget to increase fibre, and drink lots of fluids; herbal and green teas, soups and smoothies all count, but alcohol is out because the body burns it ahead of fat which definitely isn’t what we want.

9). It’s really best not to skip meals either…but avoid grazing your way through the day because it’s amazing how those calories stack up when you’re not looking, particularly if filling up on healthy sounding foods that actually aren’t …and it might seem obvious, but chew your food – it’s shocking how so few of us do it well!

The more mindful you can be when shopping, preparing food, serving it, and eating it, the better really.

And one more thing…

…a detox is a great way to kick-start weight loss. Toxins are often stored in fat and so when we remove toxins from our system, then it becomes easier to lose fat. It also helps with water retention. The whole body benefits too; blood is purified, spirits are lifted and the immune system is strengthened.

Get ready. Get set. Feel healthy. Be happy!

Nutritional Therapy, Kensington LondonAbout The AuthorSarah Lantry runs Attitude to Food, a Nutrition and Health Consultancy in Kensington, London. Sarah is a qualified Nutritional Therapist with clients across London and the Home Counties.

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