Coming out of the comfort zone with NLP

NLP helping you out of the comfort zone

There is probably a very good reason why we keep ourselves safe and construct what we perceive as a solid protection from the outside world around us – this can be from hurt, rejection, abandonment, anger and a myriad of other “events” that may have happened in our lives from which we can not return to.

The thing about building brick walls around ourselves for protection is that as well as keeping others out, it also keeps us locked in.

Self-created protection

When people build castles of course the enemy can’t get in but is it safe to walk straight onto the battlefield? It may be that we will survive, but is it worth the risk? I would like to bring up the idea that it is. Do you actually know the enemy? How certain are you that they don’t just want to make peace.

Do we come into life with brick walls around us or are they self created – in which case could it be that we can either knock them down or build something more flexible around us.

Now – for the shocking news – its not how you think it is! – When FEAR surfaces it is a “perception of what is real and isn’t based on evidence unless you make it so”

I am not suggesting that you can shed the old and bring in the new without uncomfortable feelings, bodily sensations, negative thoughts and more.

What are these associations telling you?
Ask yourself “what is the benefit in keeping these around me?
What if they aren’t true?
Where did they come from?
Do they exist to serve you RIGHT NOW?

What is the ‘comfort zone’?

A comfort zone is exactly what it says on the tin and comfortable might be okay but if it is stopping you moving on with your life is it not worth the challenge and see that the end of the rainbow could be paved with gold after all…what would it be like if you “could” have everything that you want and desire for yourself.

Well I would like to suggest that you can!…. The New Year brings about resolutions which is all about doing things differently – however that doesn’t mean it is a good excuse for ‘I have to give up everything and start again’ but rather start to dismantle those bricks and step out safe in the knowledge that you are not alone.

Make a change and do something different

It has also been said that change is constant and inevitable. In NLP terms if you always do what you’ve always done you’ll always get what you’ve always got.

So do something different and get a different result, starting now!

About The Author

Paul Kensett is a life coach and founder of Paul Kensett Training and Coaching solutions and a qualified coach and NLP Practitioner.

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