Homeopathy remedies for six common problems

Homeopathy for common health ailments

From headache to bloated stomach, blotchy skin to cramps, we all suffer lots of minor physical ailments or problems and for nearly every one there’s a natural remedy that could help. Listed below are six common complaints and their respective homeopathic remedies that you could reach for when problems strike.


When you feel you’re ‘coming down with something’ try Aconite. This remedy comes from a poisonous plant and should be used when aches, sore throat or chills are felt. Take every hour after the early on-set of these symptoms, especially if you’ve just come in from a cold wind and are feeling run down. Aconite can also help with shock and restlessness.


Often we go to bed with our mind churning over problems that cause us to be alert and jittery preventing a good night’s rest. Coffea cruda actually comes from coffee beans but acts in the opposite way to caffeine. It can calm the mental hype we feel and allow our mind to slow its thought process giving us the chance to get some sleep. It’s useful for insomnia and you will wake up without feeling fatigued.


Common in children and sometimes caused by blows to the nose, nose-picking, blowing our nose too hard or pressure changes. Nosebleeds can also ruin your best shirt. One way to deal with them is to use a homeopathic remedy and depending on the cause there are three to try. Arnica belongs to the sunflower family and is used for nosebleeds caused by injury. Phosphorus is found in our bones, teeth and DNA and is helpful for free flowing blood that won’t clot. It should be used for bleeds caused by blowing our nose too hard. Ferrum phosphoricum comes from iron ore and works on general symptoms and if the person feels faint or looks pale.


Overindulging on alcohol usually leads to a mighty headache and sickness the following day so try Nux vomica. Taken from the poisonous seeds of a tree found in Sri Lanka, India and Northern Australia, the remedy eases nausea and helps with oversensitivity to light and sound. It can also be taken for stomach cramps and constipation.


Ever been woken in the night by surging pain from cramp in your leg or pulled up half way through a jog in the park? Cuprum metallicum may be the immediate way to relieve the problem. Found in the copper of rocks, Cuprum metallicum mainly affects the nervous system and is effective at treating muscle spasms.


The scourge of teenagers and many adults alike, acne can be treated with Calcarea Sulphur. This is used by the liver to help remove toxins from our body and purify the blood. Skin health can be greatly improved by taking this remedy and supporting the liver’s toxin removal process. Antimonium tartaricum can also be taken for those pussy spots that are tender to the touch while Pulsatilla comes from a plant and is helpful for acne caused by eating fatty foods or from menstrual periods.

Homeopathy safety

When taking homeopathic remedies you should follow the guidelines and avoid eating and drinking 20 minutes before and after. Try to take the remedy straight from the container and avoid touching it with your hands as any substances on your skin could affect the remedy. Homeopathic remedies are generally safe and you shouldn’t feel any side effects, if you do, stop taking the remedy and the effects should soon clear up.

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