Detox – Keeping your liver healthy

Detox: Your Liver

The liver is the most important organ of detoxification in the body. If you look after your liver you will likely never experience disease. The liver has to work hard every single second of the day detoxifying your metabolic and digestive waste.

In particular energy production in muscle cells, excess proteins, oxidised fats, over consumption of sugar, caffeine, alcohol, drugs and the many environmental toxins, added food toxins, plastics from packaging, certain everyday foods, and many more.

The liver is a complex organ – but in a nut shell:

There are two phases of detoxification – Phase i and Phase ii.

If the liver is overloaded then phase i can be sending phase ii highly toxic molecules that it just cannot deal with, so these flow back into the bloodstream. Along with damage to DNA in cells these toxins cause allergies, food sensitivities, cancer, fatigue, lowered immune function, overactive immune function, infertility amongst many other conditions.

If you are consuming toxic foods or are exposed to toxic substances on a day to day basis, your liver efficiency will decline and this will be the cause of many health problems. In fact cleaning up you liver will have a positive effect on all health problems, and will most likely make you look healthier. The above guide is a simplistic but effective guide – however if you would like a more personally guided detox try coming for a consult, it is always best to know that you are detoxifying safely.

Liver Enemy foods
Saturated fats
Non organic meats,
eggs and poultry
Refined carbohydrates
BBQ’s foods
Burnt foods (or browned)
Hydrogenated fats
Liver Support foods
Bitter leaves
Walnuts – fresh
Cayenne pepper
Dark green leaves
Wheat grass
Caraway seeds
Organic eggs
Water soluble fibre

Liver Support

Filtered water – 2 litres per day – can be as herbal teas too.
Exercise – vital for aiding elimination.
Deep breathing – and stretching exercises like yoga and tai chi.

The above are vital to keeping bowels moving.
Constipation is a major cause of high toxic load in the liver.

You should move your bowels at least once a day but twice is better.
Talk to a nutritional therapist about what supplements best support liver detoxification for you personally.

Liver cleansing

There are programs that you can follow that will flush out the liver of toxic build up. These need to be done with proper guidance, done correctly can make a person feel ten years younger, give you mental clarity, lose weight and energise you. Please book and appointment if you wish to follow a liver cleansing program.

For information about a gentle detox, follow the link below.

<< Gentle Detox Guide

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Sam Bourne is a qualified Nutritionist, registered with BANT (British Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy) who draws clients from the Central London area.

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