What is EFT and how can it clear my phobia?

EFT – An overview

EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques, commonly known as ‘The Tapping’, is a form of Energy Psychology, a powerful stress relief tool that facilitates the safe release of trauma and emotional baggage from the past, restoring the balance of mind and body essential for true health and well-being.

Easy to learn and simple to apply, EFT is a very versatile technique with a high success rate and is now in use by therapists and medical practitioners around the globe, bringing relief to even the most intractable conditions simply by correcting imbalances in the body’s energy system.

The origins of EFT

Developed in the USA in the early 1990s by Stamford trained engineer Gary Craig, its effectiveness is based on the discovery that negative emotions are caused by disruptions in the body’s meridian energy system set up by difficult or traumatic life experiences.

The combination of gently tapping with the fingertips on certain meridian release points whilst tuning in to the issue at hand, whether it be a traumatic event, an addiction, pain or anxiety, clears the energy disruptions and emotional blocks, restoring the balance essential for optimal health and the healing of physical ailments.

It may be hard to believe that such a simple process could be so powerful, but fortunately it works whether the recipient is sceptical or not! And frequently the results are both fast and long-lasting.

Whilst EFT can often be self-applied with impressive results, in cases of overwhelming emotions caused by severe trauma and abuse it is advisable to work with an experienced EFT therapist who can use gentle approaching techniques as well as other skills.

EFT for phobias

In some cases a certain amount of expert detective work may be required to get to the root causes of particular problems. Taking phobias as an example, when a water phobia has been set up by a few specific events it can be cleared quickly and effectively by working with those memories until the energetic disruptions have been released. Result: peace with water.

In more complex cases connections in the subconscious mind between apparently unrelated events can hold the phobia in place. This is what had happened with my client Barbara (not her real name) who had a lifelong fear of water.

We worked together over a period of weeks to clear all the traumatic memories she could find involving water but to no avail. However, whilst her fear of water was still present, it had changed to become much more specifically about the strong taste of salt water and the rubbery feel of a snorkel mask in her mouth making her gag and panic when her husband had encouraged her to give it a try once.

We used a bucket of salty water and a snorkel mask as triggers at our next session and after just a few minutes of working with these props we struck gold. The question ‘What does this feeling remind me of?’ triggered a vivid and highly charged memory of being kept in at playtime as a 5-year old and forced to eat a huge plate of liver and onions with an unsympathetic dinner-lady towering over her. Now the strong salty taste and rubbery-in-the-mouth aspects of the fear made complete sense! But who could have made that connection at a logical level with the fear of water?

Once the energetic disruptions associated with that memory had been cleared with EFT, Barbara’s fear of water disappeared. She is now a keen snorkeller and no longer has to sit on the boat and watch her family having fun in the water on their annual holiday! Four years on the results are holding.

Here are just some of the issues that can be addressed with EFT:

Eating Disorders
Fear of flying, spiders, snakes, dental fears etc.
Panic Attacks
Physical ailments
Post Traumatic Stress
Public Speaking
Weight Loss

EFT Saffron WaldenAbout The Author

Linda Anderson of EFT Essex is an AAMET accredited EFT Practitioner & Trainer based in Saffron Walden and Cambridge.

Linda specialises in EFT for depression, phobias and panic attacks, and has experience in a wide range of other areas.

Find out more about Linda’s work by visiting her GoToSee profile page here

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