5 point guide to natural remedies for swine flu

A 5 point guide using researched natural remedies against Swine flu, other flus and colds

How to boost your family’s immunity using products which are suitable for adults, children and babies

Nutritional medicine works with our ‘built in’ immunity and it is a remarkably sophisticated branch of our defence system. It responds rapidly to viruses by producing antibodies that are ready for activation against the antigen. Swine flu is an example of an antigen.

Our antibodies are found in phlegm and other mucous secretions in the mucosal barrier in the respiratory and digestive tract. This mucosal barrier is the first line of defence against the antigen. 95% of infections are started at mucosal surfaces where they are weak. The following products all enhance our natural defence system.

1. Colostrum, a protein/polypeptide was found to be at least 3 times more effective than vaccination to prevent flu

Colostrum is made from ‘mother’s first milk’, bovine extract, (lactose intolerant available).

A recent study found that the incidence of complications and hospital admission in high risk patients on medication, was 3 times higher in the group that received vaccination only than the group receiving colostrum.

2. Probiotics, Lactobacillus: Plantarum, Rhamnosus, Salivarus, GG

Probiotics, are ‘live’ friendly bacteria found naturally in the gut and in particular foods and supplements. They form a powerful defence when lining the gut wall.

3. Sacharomyces Boulardi

A non pathogenice yeast, which is antibiotic resistant and not related to the yeast group to which Candida belongs. It encourages friendly bacteria to colonize, making it particularly beneficial for balancing intestinal microbiology and acting as a barrier against invading pathogens.

4. Vitamin D. Low levels have been found to be directly related to colds and flus in the winter season

While the sun triggers seasonal vitamin D production in the skin, deficiency is common in the winter. With nutritional supplementation, this weakness in our body can be averted. More recent research has shown Vitamin D to be of major importance in its immune raising function and affects many systems of the body positively.

5. Bio Mask

A newly developed mask which kills 99% of viruses and bacteria and is non toxic. Works to protect from Swine Flu, Bird Flu, common colds, measles, MRSA, pneumonia and SARS, etc.

For article research and further information read ‘Nutritional medicine versus vaccines for swine flu

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