Hypnotherapy for weight management

Weight management with the ‘hypno diet’

So many people these days are very conscious of weight management. This may be due to health reasons, or purely because they really want to look good.

Most people, particularly ladies, have been on one sort of diet or another. It nearly always begins in the same way, and, unfortunately, ends in the same way. That is, weight loss, and feelings of accomplishment, and then sliding down back into weight gain, perhaps even more than when they began the diet; and then feelings of failure.

So many of these diets and diet programmes are expensive and very time consuming. Many men and women do not realise that in taking them on they are setting themselves up to fail. So why does this happen? Is it really that people who decide to go on these diets are too weak willed to continue with them to get the proper results? The simple answer is no.

If we go on diets that send our bodies into starvation mode, then we are sending a signal to the subconscious mind that times are hard, so its immediate response is to lay down what calories we do eat straight into stored fat.

This makes sense when we think about mankind in the past. When times were hard, a shortage of crops, or the hunt failing, produced a time when anything eaten was stored as fat to live on in the ‘lean days’ so to speak. Our bodies today have not changed from as they were in the past. Diets to the body just means we are in lean days.

Emotional reasons for overeating

Of course there are other reasons why people gain weight as well as ‘dieting’. Often over eating can be because there is an underlying emotional issue. If this issue is not dealt with then overeating will continue no matter what. People are apt to run to the cupboard for a chocolate bar or some sweet biscuits when under stress. If a deep rooted emotional problem is there, food often becomes a focus point for comfort, albeit often subconsciously.

Exercise is also an important part of losing excess weight. Some people seem to imagine that this means going to the gym every single day. It does not mean this. For some who enjoy going to the gym that is fine. But there are other ways to exercise.

Some people are just put off by the very thought of exercise, imagining it to be over strenuous and time consuming. Or perhaps there are physical disablement that prevents strenuous exercise. The fact is, we burn up calories just typing something! There are always ways to move your body; get creative! The hypno diet helps you with this too. Re-programming your mind to be open to more movement in general.

Often, people who are depressed, will overeat, and take very little exercise. Feeling too despondent to do anything much. The hypno diet can help with this also. The re-programming can help to invigorate, and produce a new lust for life. So instead of continuously spending money on fad diets, or fad foods, it would be more sense to go for the ‘hypno diet’.

What is the ‘hypno diet’?

Of course it isn’t really a diet at all. But the word diet has become a word that is synonymous with weight loss, so I have used it. The difference is, of course, that you do not make your body go into starvation mode on the hypno diet. Oh no. You eat well. Really well. Does that sound more appealing? It should do. If we want our bodies to be slim, fit, and healthy, we need to eat well, believe it or not!

The hypno diet also does not ask you to completely forgo those little chocolate bar pleasures. Nor that pleasurable glass of wine. If you deny yourself things, those are the things your subconscious mind will immediately crave! The hypno diet will get to the root of things if there are any emotional problems at the root of your eating habits. No other diet can do this.

The hypno diet is incredibly successful. It re-programmes your mind so that you are able to change your relationship with food. The hypno diet changes the way you eat, and what you eat, for life. This means a healthier, happier, slimmer, you!

Why not go for it today and change your life!

About The Author

Sonia Smith is a qualified hypnotherapist located in Calne, Devizes, Wiltshire. She typically draws clients from the surrounding areas of Swindon, Marlborough, Trowbridge, Chippenham and Bath.

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