How to overcome phobias

Overcoming phobias

For some it may be spiders, snakes or worms. For others it may be crowds or airplanes. It could be fear of shopping in supermarkets or a host of situations or experiences that literally send the sufferer into terror. Phobias are extremely common.

In fact 11% of us will experience a specific phobia at some time in our life. Phobias are twice as common in women as they are in men. People can be phobic of buses if they experienced or witnessed a trauma on one, or of a certain food if they once almost choked on it. In fact there are thousands of ways whereby a phobic response can develop. Children can learn a phobic response from their parents or carers. It is not even necessary to witness the original cause of the phobia.

Recognising the pattern of phobias

To understand what is happening we just need to recognise that a pattern has got programmed into a special part of our brain, which is triggered outside our control. It is our fight and flight response, which though life saving if a truck is bearing down on us in the street it is not normally so helpful in Sainsbury’s or on the tube.

Overcome phobias with Human Givens Therapy

In Human Givens Therapy we use a very simple process to remove this unnecessary triggering. It is called REWIND and it normally works in just one session. REWIND calms a person right down and then guides the individual to visualize the memories associated with the phobia running back and forward on a TV screen several times. REWIND also resolves trauma and a range of other debilitating disorders.

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